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   Chapter 108 A Friend's Betrayal

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After they went out of the cinema, Steve offered to have dinner. Sherry sighed and said, "I have to go home now, so I'm sorry that I can't have dinner with you."

Before Steve could say anything, she hailed a taxi.

Having just suffered a huge blow, Steve also appeared to be dispirited at the moment. He quietly watched Sherry leave.

Behind him, a pair of eyes were also staring at him bitterly.

Today, Linda suddenly passed by here and wanted to see a movie. When she was about to ask Sherry out, she saw her in the crowd.

Linda had thought that they had a tacit agreement that they even wanted to watch a movie together. However, when she saw Steve, she was stunned. She had followed them for such a long time, including what happened in the cinema.

Linda still couldn't accept what she had seen.

Sherry went straight back to the apartment. The light in the living room was still on, and there was a sound coming from the kitchen. She guessed that it must be Jeremy.

She wore a pair of slippers and walked to the kitchen. Jeremy had taken off his suit, put on a white T-shirt and black casual pants, and worked in the kitchen with an apron.

Hearing the voice, Jeremy turned around and said, "You're back? Wash your hands and get ready to eat."

On tiptoe, she went to the basin and washed her hands. Suddenly, her face was kissed on the cheek. When she turned around, she saw that Jeremy had already been engaged in cooking.

"I have cooked different dishes today. Let's see if you like them." The aroma of these dishes soon filled the air, which was different from the previous dishes.

She didn't expect that he would change dishes and thought he had only learned a little dishes.

He took off his apron, observing Sherry eating, and carefully stared at her face expression.

The taste was better than before. Sherry was surprised.

This man was really good at surprise! He was the CEO of the Ou Group. It was already incredible that he could cook in person and cook so well...

Sherry was somewhat moved by his words. She had noticed the changes of Jeremy recently, but she still couldn't remove the obstacles in her heart. There was still a knot in her heart, which couldn't be removed and couldn't be put down.

"Does it taste good?" He asked with great concern.

Just like a child asking for praise.

Sherry nodded and said lightly, "Not bad."

"I want to eat something." After saying that, he stretched out and pinched a small piece of meat. After seeing it, Sherry knocked his hand with chopsticks and frowned, "Can't you use chopsticks?"

Jeremy shrugged and said, "Or you feed me?"

"No way." Sherry refused him without thinking.

"What?" Dissatisfied, he looked at Sherry, who was putting some food in her mouth. Then he got close to her and kissed her.

Sherry was anger and shy. Jeremy swept a glance at her mouth and then moved his lips away from hers. He pouted and said, "It's not bad. The taste is a little light."

Of course, she had tasted dishes in her mouth. Couldn't it taste light?

"Would you like to feed me?" After he finished eating the food taken from her mouth, Jeremy continued

g beside him, helping him to sort out the documents.

"I have a case here. Are you willing to take it?" As soon as he finished his words, Beisy handed the documents to her.

Sherry took the folder and looked through it quickly. She became more and more surprised and asked, "Is I responsible for such an important case?"

"Yes, you can choose the team you want to lead. The advertising department has so many people, and you can pick up a few good ones."

When he was talking about work, he was very serious and strict, not as easy-going as he used to be.

Looking at the document in her hand, Sherry's heart beat faster and faster. This time, the products were widely used in the international market and they were cooperated with the Korean.

Then the proposal would be spread not only across China, but also across the world.

After a few seconds of silence, she took a deep breath and replied, "Okay, Mr. Chester. I'll definitely get this job done!"

Chester clapped his hands and looked at her with admiration, "Look forward to your performance!"

Back in the office of the advertising department, Sherry walked straight to Linda's office and said, "Come to my office."

Linda looked unnatural. She was in a daze for a few seconds before following her.

"Mr. Chester just gave me a big case and asked me to choose members in the advertising department myself." Sherry said, taking off her coat and sitting on a chair.

Sitting on the chair opposite to her, Linda said in a fairly happy tone, "That's great! Mr. Chester thinks highly of you."

"But I still need an assistant. You can be my assistant!" Sherry was also very happy. The first person she thought of was Linda.

They were good friends. They had a tacit understanding. If she could let Linda be her assistant, it was more convenient to cooperate than others.

"Me?" Linda was stunned.

"Yes! What about? This is a big case. Are you interested in it?" Sherry said, as if trying to seduce her.

Linda kept silent for a few seconds and then nodded, "Okay, I'll be your assistant!"

Sherry smiled satisfactorily.

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