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   Chapter 104 Being Pursuing

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Sherry's hand stopped in the air, and the fruit on the fork suddenly fell down, which startled her.

Wearing a black shirt, Jeremy came in.

Jeremy was cool and attractive. He was Mr. Mcdreamy in all women's hearts. Unfortunately, he was not as generous as Mr. Mcdreamy.

It's ten o'clock now, and Sherry hasn't come home yet. In fact, she has already forgotten about it. She is not a child. Why should she go home before nine o'clock? It's too ridiculous.

Everyone was surprised to see him, but most of them knew him and greeted him politely, "Mr. Jeremy."

"Mr. Chester, what a coincidence!" Jeremy walked to Chester and greeted him with a smile.

Chester's hand was still on Sherry's waist. Originally, he just wrapped his arm around her waist lightly. When he saw Jeremy, he couldn't help but touched more tightly.

"Why are you here? Mr. Jeremy Are you here to find someone?" Chester didn't stand up either. He leaned lazily on the sofa with a light tone.

"Jere... Mr. Jeremy!" When Linda was about to call his name directly, she suddenly felt that the occasion was not suitable. It was better to call him Mr. Jeremy.

"We're playing a game. Truth or Dare. Have you ever played it? It's choosing cards. The person who gets the card must do what it says!" Linda explained in a hurry and winked at Sherry to let her sit up from the arms of Chester.

Linda was very clear about Jeremy's temper. Anyone who saw his wife sitting in another man's arms, even if he had no feelings for that woman, would feel humiliated.

In particular, such a domineering, selfish, ruthless and cold man as Jeremy!

No one knew about the secret marriage of Jeremy and Sherry except her presence. She was the only one who could explain it.

Sherry understood and put the fruit plate on the table.

"I was looking for someone, but now the purpose has changed." Jeremy answered Chester's question. Seeing that Sherry was about to get up and leave, he suddenly strode over.

Then Jeremy made a move that made everyone surprised. He turned around and sat directly between Chester and Sherry.

The most spacious sofa that had been reserved for Chester alone suddenly became very crowded.

"Mr. Chester, do you mind if I sit here?" Said Jeremy, sitting down and looking at him.

"Of course," said Chester.

"Keep playing, everybody! I want to play too." Jeremy raised his voice.

He was even more indifferent than Chester. Sherry worried that whether everyone here could keep playing or not.

But Sherry obviously thought too much. After drinking, these people almost couldn't recognize their parents, and continued to play crazily.

However, at least she got rid of the dare. Sherry breathed a sigh of relief, pinched the arm of Jeremy, and said in a low voice, "Why are you here?"

"When did I ask you to come back?" said Jeremy.

Sherry was speechless, "Stop messing around. I'm not a child. You can go back! You are here, and everyone will feel embarrassed."

"I think they are very happy. Didn't they play tricks on you well just now?"

was looking at him straightforwardly, he laughed even more.

Jeremy took a sip of wine and thought, 'Steve was in public coveting his woman. He would not let it go.'

"Yes!" Steve replied generously.

"Wow! Who can be pursued by Mr. Steve!" The women pouted in disappointment.

The sigh spread all over the four seats. Linda had just been a little dissatisfied, and now her mood was a little relieved.

Anyway, Steve dared to admit it! Otherwise, she must be very angry!

"The woman I like! She is a little arrogant, but I like her arrogant appearance. She is very beautiful and any female star can't compare with her at all. I have a different feeling for her from the first sight."

'She also bit him. It was a deep grudge.'

Jeremy almost burst the glass with his hand holding it.

'He could just answer yes or no. Why did he say so much nonsense?'

Chester glanced at them coldly. Beisy occasionally talked to him, but he didn't focus on this side.

Seeing that Steve always pretended to look at her unintentionally, Sherry turned away and pretended not to see him.

Don't Steve feel thirsty after talking about so many messy things?

"I like her very much. Although she hasn't promised me yet, I am confident that she will be my woman soon!" Steve said confidently.

Linda's heart was about to explode, and her anger had completely disappeared.

Linda thought, 'Steve always surprised her unconsciously.'

However, the person Steve really wanted to pursue was not Linda. In his words, all the lines were suggesting to Sherry.

But Sherry always avoided his eyes.

Tonight, Jeremy was extremely annoyed with Chester and Steve. As soon as he came in, he saw Sherry sitting in the arms of Chester, which made him very angry. Now Steve came to join in again, and kept suggesting that he liked Sherry.

Jeremy thought of what Steve said just now. 'It's impossible for Steve to let Sherry be his woman! No way!'

Sherry didn't know what was in Jeremy's mind, and she pretended not to hear Steve's words.

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