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   Chapter 101 Make Dinner For Her In Person (Part One)

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"You are... Jeremy?" Jane looked at him in shock.

As soon as Jeremy let go of her hand, Jane withdrew her hand immediately. Without looking at her, Jeremy went to Sherry and took her in his arms.

Jane was stunned. She looked at Sherry and then at Jeremy. "What's your relationship with her? Why do you meddle in my affairs?"

Sherry's body was held tightly by Jeremy, and she didn't struggle. Instead, she leaned obediently on his chest.

Standing behind Sherry, Linda looked at the man who was bossily holding Sherry in his arms and protecting her. At this moment, Linda didn't hate Jeremy so much.

"She is my woman!" Jeremy looked down at Sherry, and held her waist tightly with his big and powerful hands. His voice was penetrating.

Sherry was stunned, and Linda pulled her clothes behind her. Both of them were shocked.

Jeremy announced their relationship in this way, which made her bewildered.

Jane frowned and stared at Sherry. She was surprised that Sherry was Jeremy's woman.

"Miss Jane, did my woman do anything to offend you? How dare you hit her?" Jeremy asked with a cold voice.

Jane was reluctant to give in and answered, "No, I want to give Linda a lesson, but your woman insists on protecting Linda. It's none of her business."

Jane didn't dare to offend Jeremy, nor did she dare to offend his woman. But as for Linda, she had the capacity to deal with.

Frowning, Sherry said discontentedly, "What right do you have to slap her?"

Everyone was equal. If the person slapped by Jane was not Linda today, Sherry definitely would stop Jane. Especially this person was her best friend, Linda.

"Linda seduced my man!" Jane retorted at once.

Looking at Sherry's angry face, an

, she followed him into the kitchen and saw a pile of vegetables and meat in the fridge. There was a fish on the chopping block. He rolled up his sleeves and began to clean the fish while saying, "Get out. Come in later."

The way he sliced the meat with a knife startled Sherry. The band aid on his hand was still there, which should have been cut accidentally when he was learning to cook.

"Is that why you put this band aid on your hand? Is that because you want to cook?" Asked Sherry, trying to restrain her bitterness.

With a frown, Jeremy didn't answer her question. "Didn't I tell you to go out? Get out of here!"

Sherry curled her lips and didn't really go out. She just stood at the door and stared at him.

Jeremy had been busy with cooking in the past few days for the sake of giving her a surprise. He wanted her to eat the dishes cooked by himself.

Sherry was very surprised that Jeremy would cook personally only for her.

After more than an hour's efforts, the whole kitchen was in a mess. Sherry was afraid that he would blow up the kitchen. She followed his hands tightly and really wanted to go up to help him.

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