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   Chapter 100 Tit For Tat

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Sherry had stayed at Steve's torture for the whole day. She didn't feel relaxed until he was going to have a meeting. Cold sweat broke out on her back.

When the message stopped, she received a call from Jeremy.

"Hello, what's up?" Picking up the phone, Sherry's voice sounded tired.

Upon hearing that, Jeremy said in a tender voice, "You are going to get off work soon. I'm there to pick you up for dinner."

"I... Hello? Jeremy?"

Sherry looked at the phone and felt inexplicable. Without waiting for her to speak, he hung up first.

She didn't want to refuse him. Was it necessary to hang up so quickly?

At home, Jeremy had already bought some food and put them in the fridge. He changed a new suit and help his hair shape. After confirming that everything was okay, he took the car key and walked out of the house.

He had learned cooking for so long, and finally he would show his cooking skills tonight. He must make Sherry moved.

After work, Linda packed her things and waited for everyone to leave before going to the elevator.

Since everyone had left, Linda couldn't wait for the elevator too long.

When Linda got out of the elevator, a man was walking towards her. But she didn't look carefully and her high heels were stuck in the gap of the elevator. She was about to fall down.

Falling into a broad and warm embrace, she held that man's chest with her hand and apologized, "I'm sorry!"

She raised her head and saw a handsome face.

Steve didn't expect the well-dressed woman to be Linda. He stared at her blankly for a few seconds.

"Mr. Steve!" There was no lack of surprise in her tone.

When she was about to take a step forward, her shoes were still stuck in the gap of elevator.

She frowned and lifted her foot with difficulty. Suddenly, Steve said, "Let me help you. Take off your shoes."

Linda felt embarrassed but still took off the shoes obediently. Steve bent over, grasped the high heels and pulled them out with a little strength.

Standing unsteadily and putting her hands on his shoulder, she looked at him who helped her, a stream of love flowing from her heart.

"Okay." "Mr. Steve, we haven't seen each other for a long time. Are you here for me?" she asked in surprise as she put her shoes on.

Steve blinked and spoke vaguely, "Yeah...."

"How about we have dinner together?"

Steve smiled awkwardly, and then his expression changed. He took out his phone from the pocket and said, "I'm sorry. I have to answer the phone."

Then he walked aside and picked up a phone, Looking at his back with expectation, Linda smiled happily.

Through the hall mirror, Steve could see clearly her expression.

He ended the call soon and walked to Linda, apologizing, "There's an emergency in the company. I have to go back. Let's have dinner next time."

With a downcast face, Linda pouted and said, "When is next time?"

Steve smiled and was about to walk out of the building. "It depends. Maybe it will come soon."

"Then you must call me!" Putting her hand on her ear, she made a gesture of calling someone.

"I will." Said Steve, walking outside.

Actually, he was going to meet Sherry, but he just happened to meet Linda.

women were both bitches!

"Really? How should I talk to you? You are not my boss and you are not my elder. Perhaps you are two years older than me." Sherry replied flatly.

Jane Li almost fainted with anger. Who is older than her?

"You are such a glib talker. What's your name?" As long as Jane Li remembered her name, this woman would have to resign tomorrow!

"I hope that you won't quarrel with others without any evidence in the future," instead of answering her question, Sherry said, "Besides, you haven't been engaged to Mr. Steve formally. You're too impatient to declare your ownership like this."

Jane's face turned red.

It sounded like she forced Steve to marry her.

Although she liked Steve so much that she didn't want other women to be around Steve to please him.

"What's more, my friend is innocent. Since you are about to get engaged to Mr. Steve, you can solve the problem between you two in private. It is inappropriate for you to get others involved."

It seemed like Sherry was mocking Jane Li for being uneducated.

Protected by Sherry, Linda was so moved.

At a crucial moment, a friend like Sherry was fearless of power to defend her. It was more useful than anything else.

"Bitch! You are talking nonsense!" Jane thought in mind, 'I indeed saw Linda seducing my fiance. How dare she was so arrogant. I must teach her a lesson today!' "If you don't want to die, get out of the way!" Jane Li wanted to rush over and slapped Linda a few more times.

Sherry pushed Linda away quickly and Jane Li was already slapping on her face.

Jane's long fingernails could scratched a person's face quickly. Sherry pushed Linda away, but she couldn't escape. She closed her eyes, waiting for her slapping. But, after a while, Sherry found that she didn't feel anything.

Jane Li failed to slap Sherry.

Sherry opened her eyes and saw a tall man standing beside her.

It was Jeremy! He grabbed Jane's hand angrily, but staring at Sherry pitifully.

He was just a little late because of the traffic jam. How could he suddenly bump into such a thing?

How dare someone want to slap his woman!

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