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   Chapter 97 You Seem Unhappy To See Me Come Back (Part One)

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In the company.

Carrying a thick pile of documents, Sherry walked out of her office and went to the big office outside. When she was about to ask Linda to help her, she saw that Linda was staring at her phone.

Linda pouted, looking both expectant and unhappy.

Sherry put the documents on her desk and said, "Take it to sign for Langston."

The sudden appearance of her frightened Linda. She turned off the phone, patted her chest and stared at Sherry. "Why are you walking without making any sound? You scared me."

Sherry took a chair by her side and sat down, saying, "It's because you are too concentrated on your mind that you can't notice the existence of any other person."

Linda curled her lips and picked up the document on the desk. Seeing that Linda didn't speak, Sherry asked, "What's on the phone? What can let you so concentrate?"

The staff couldn't play mobile phone during working hours. Linda was a little embarrassed. She stuck out her tongue and said, "No, I'm sorry. You know I am a crazy smartphone user. Don't worry, I will get rid of this problem in the future."

Sherry didn't believe what she said. Seeing that she still wanted to say something, Linda hurried to leave with the documents. "I'll go to sign for Langston now!"

When Linda came back to her desk, she picked up the phone and looked for the message again.

The message Linda sent to Steve was from the day before yesterday. He didn't get in touch with her after answering her short message.

Linda sat on the chair in disappointment and turned off the phone's screen. But her eyes were still fixed on the phone.

At noon, Sherry head was busy working, even completely forgetting to

d cook. You can even be compared with the chef of a restaurant." Sherry praised while eating the delicious food.

It was rare for him to cook, and he didn't know what he was good at either. People usually lost their appetite when they were eating dishes made by themselves.

But Sherry ate the food happily, which made her extremely satisfied from the bottom of her heart.

"If I don't run a company, I can make a lot of money by being a chef." Chester said.

"You will earn a lot of money if you are a chef," she said earnestly.

"When I retire, I will open a restaurant and cook by myself." Chester teased while he was eating.

"Of course I will go to there to eat."

"I am planning to open a Chinese restaurant next to the company with a lower price. Anyway, it's not a big deal. You can come and help me manage..."

Chester said seriously, with wisdom shining in his eyes. It seemed that he was building a restaurant.

Sherry listened carefully and occasionally proposed some ideas, and they had a prototype of their ideas.

In the airport. After stepping out of the airport, Jeremy felt his neck hurt.

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