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   Chapter 96 The Appointment

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Looking at the receding figure of Linda, Sherry was very speechless. After all, it was working time. As a manager, she should focus on her work the most.

Sherry had said everything she wanted to say. She hoped Linda could understand her. She was afraid that Linda would regret until she really fell into it.

After a day's work, everyone else was hoping to get off work early, but Sherry was very reluctant to do so.

Sherry got a headache at the thought of seeing the piano concert with Steve.

Sherry was very fond of that pianist. If she could go to the concert alone, she would be very happy.

But now, she didn't want to go at all because of Steve.

After Sherry went out of the company, she saw a car parking not far away and a man getting off the car.

Steve smiled arrogantly in a black shirt.

"Sherry, come here!" Looking at Sherry who was farther and farther away from him, Steve hurriedly shouted to her.

Sherry was speechless. She turned around and walked towards him. She angrily said, "Can't you keep it down? Do you want everyone to know about it?"

Did he want to let everyone in the company know she was going out with Steve?

She could ignore others, but how could she explain to Linda? If Linda saw that, she would be very sad. Sherry had no idea how to face her good friend.

"Why not? Why can't I let others know?" "I'm single and you're unmarried. It's normal for a man to ask a woman out, isn't it?" His original intention was to pursue Sherry in a big way, and nobody could change this fact.

Hearing this, Sherry was so angry that she even wanted to spit out blood. She passed him and walked towards his car. It was as if there was wind under her feet and she walked very fast in her high heels.

"Sherry." Steve caught up with her in a few steps and put his mouth close to her ear. When he was about to say something, Sherry turned her head and glared at him. "Don't be so high-profile in the future. Drive your car in the opposite street."

Steve frowned and said, "What's wrong with you? Why do you always stay away from me?" So many women loved him. He was always so unrestrained, but he never cared about anyone and really fell in love with any woman.

Only Sherry was someone he could not figure out.

"I don't want to have too much contact with you and I don't want my colleagues to see it either." There was a firm determination in Sherry's words. She didn't want to have anything to do with Steve. Because in her heart, Steve was just a disgusting bastard!

"Why? Am I not presentable? I always pursue women in a high-profile way. I never hide myself." He opened the door and put one of his hands on it, looking extremely arrogant and aggressive.

Sherry gave a cold smile and said, "Then you can go out on your own in the future! There is no need to call me."

She had made a concession. If Steve dared to threaten her with Linda again, she would take extreme measures.

"OK, OK. Let's talk about it next time." Steve said with a smile, not getting angry. He would force himself to put up with her, even if he was very angry with her.



But when she looked into his eyes, she really didn't know how to refuse him.

"I won't make use of Linda anymore, okay?" Added Steve.

Hearing this, Sherry was undoubtedly moved.

As long as Linda didn't get hurt, she could feel relieved and do anything for her good friend.

Sherry hesitated for a while and then nodded slightly. She nodded so quickly and slightly, but Steve could see it clearly.

"Then it's a deal. We will spend a month to know each other. You can't refuse my invitation, okay?"

With a calm expression on her face, Sherry replied flatly, "Yes."

Steve laughed happily. Sherry couldn't laugh, but she felt relaxed.

After all, it only took one month for her. She couldn't fall in love with Steve forever. At that time, she could not see this man anymore and Linda would not be bothered again.

Just go out with him. It's not a bad deal.

On the other side, coming out of the concert hall, Jessie cast a sharp glance at Steve and Sherry.

Even though Sherry turned into the ash, Jessie could recognize clearly. And that man standing on the opposite side of her was Steve?

How could they stand together so closely?

Jessie rolled her eyes and took out her phone. When she was about to take a photo of this scene, Sherry suddenly slapped away Steve's hand. Then they walked out of the music hall side by side.

Looking at their back, Jessie wore a cold smile at the corners of her mouth.

Then she made a phone call, went to a private detective agency and made an appointment to meet.

In the detective agency.

Throwing a pile of documents onto the desk, Jessie took off the sunglasses on her nose, lips smeared with bright red lipstick, and said, "Whatever the two people have done, you have to take all photos for me."

The private detective didn't know Steve. When he saw Jessie dressed nobly and thought she was very rich, he immediately took over the case.

A weird smile spread over her face.

'Sherry, you are done!

If I show these photos to Jeremy, you'll be screwed! Let's see who's the winner.'

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