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   Chapter 95 He Is Such A Playboy (Part Two)

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These men around her would pursue her again if he went abroad. He was not worried about what Sherry would do, but he was afraid that these men would do something to Sherry, like Steve. If so, will this woman be a little moved?

There were a lot of men who wanted to pursue Sherry.

Sherry was stunned by this topic, wondering why he talked about it again?

She didn't say anything. Jeremy squinted at her. He knew she said that on purpose. So he slightly sat up straight.

Feeling an exclusive breath coming close to her, Sherry stood up and quickly intended to leave.

However, she was one step slower than him. Suddenly, her hand was grasped by him and a strong force pulled her to the bed. She stumbled and sat in the arms of him.

"Don't like other men during the time I go abroad. Do you know?" His words echoed in her ears. He deliberately puffed on her ears.

Sherry frowned and responded vaguely.

"I know. I'm going to work." Sherry said coldly. She was trying to run away from him, or she was also trying to resist such intimate contact with him.

After hugging her for a few seconds, Jeremy finally let go of her.

Sherry immediately got up from the bed and rushed to the door in the fastest speed.

She was really going to be late. It was so troublesome in the early morning. Before leaving, Jeremy did not forget to remind her not to keep contact with other men. What a ridiculous thing! Come on! It was modern society nowadays. It was inevitable for her to keep contact with other men...

As soon as she arrived at the company, her phone in the pocket vibrated. She took it out and had a look.

On the screen it was a message from Steve. Sherry looked upset. Wh

ot be merciful."

Sherry brought up the subject of Steve, because she wanted to tell Linda that Steve was not a good man and he didn't deserve to be trusted for the rest of life.

There was another important thing that Sherry didn't speak it out.

It was that Steve would marry with the daughter of the Li family.

Sherry didn't want her best friend to get hurt in love. Once Linda fell in love with that man like Steve, it would be hard to get away from him in the future.

Linda was silent and didn't reply to her.

Seeing this, Sherry said, "A man like Steve doesn't care about how a woman is at all. He only likes those good-looking women and doesn't be serious or willing to commit to a long-term relationship!" 'Steve is just a playboy! A man like him is incorrigible!' Sherry thought.

Linda nodded, with her eyes fixed on the glass. Nobody knew whether she heard it or not.

"Linda, are you listening?" Sherry couldn't help but ask. It seemed that Linda was a little weird today!

"I know. You don't need to tell me that! Let's go back to work." Linda answered vaguely, stood up and walked to the office.

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