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   Chapter 93 She Is Deliberate (Part Two)

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"Sherry, come over. Give me the injection," Jeremy said after clearing his throat

The nurse was stunned. Sherry also thought she had misheard.

The nurse said coldly, "Do you think it's a joke? No way!"

"Go away! I don't like other women touching me!" The nurse was about to hold his hand, but he took it back and roared in a low, cold voice.

The nurse was frightened by his roar and withdrew her hand.

With a chuckle, Sherry walked up to the nurse and said to her, "Please stand aside and watch. If I'm wrong, please tell me."

The nurse was speechless. She put her hands into the pockets of her uniform and said indifferently, "It's funny. Don't blame me if he is bleeding."

Sherry recalled the scene of how the nurse gave injection. She tied a rope around Jeremy's wrist, found the blood vessel and was ready to put the needle.

Her long hair fell down in front of her eyes, and she was busy giving the needle to him. Staring at her serious look, Jeremy lost in thought for a moment and suddenly felt a pain on the back of his hand.

Jeremy had thought that she was punctured and was about to praise her. However, he heard Sherry's apologetic voice, "Ah, I'm sorry! I miss the blood vessel!"

The nurse leaned over and had a look. She angrily pushed away Sherry and said, "Go away. The place you pricked is so far away from the blood vessel. In any case, it can't be done in this way!"

Besides, the blood vessels of him were not very thin.

"It doesn't matter. Let her deal with it." said Jeremy in a low voice

There were beads of blood on the back of his hand. He asked Sherry to give him an injection.

The nurse was stunned


"Come here. It's warm in bed." He waved to her.

Sherry shook her head, took off her shoes and went to bed. "Let's sleep separately! So as not to touch your wound."

After saying that, she went to bed directly. This time, Jeremy didn't force her to sleep with him. He just turned over and stared at her quietly.

Perhaps it was because she felt his burning eyes that Sherry's face turned a little red in the darkness. She turned her back to him.

Now, Sherry was more nifty and lovely, not as cold and indifferent as usual.

At least she didn't avoid him, even though she was being unreasonable.

Somehow, it was hard for him to fall asleep. But he had some unspeakable happiness.

After a while, Sherry fall asleep, but there was no trace of tiredness on Jeremy's face. He slowly lifted the quilt and walked towards her.

In the morning, when the golden sunshine fell on the bed, her eyes were tingling. When she was about to rub her eyes, she suddenly felt something on her hand.

Opening her eyes and turning her head, Sherry was taken aback.

When did Jeremy get to her bed!

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