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   Chapter 91 He's Recovered

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Steve was drinking tea leisurely. Sherry looked out of the window and nobody said anything.

"If you insist on doing so, I will definitely tell Linda your real purpose of asking her out for dinner." It was a long time before Sherry spoke, breaking the silence.

In Sherry's mind, she would rather tell Linda the real purpose of Steve now. Sherry was afraid that Linda would feel depressed if Linda knew the truth.

Steve nodded and said, "Okay. If you tell her the truth, I will formally pursue her."

"Steve!" Sherry was so angry that she shouted his name.

"Even if you tell her that I am just playing with her and that I often meet her just because of you, she would not believe what you said. What's worse, your friendship would be over."

Said Steve with a slight smile.

Sherry had never found that Steve was so annoying.

However, in Steve's mind, he believed that Sherry was so stubborn.

"Only a fool would believe what you said." Steve added again.

Sherry was very angry. Although she had a little antipathy towards Steve before, she didn't really dislike him at all. And as long as she didn't want to do something, Steve couldn't do anything to her.

But now, Sherry's hatred for him had increased. She knew that he was not kidding.

In order to achieve his goal, he didn't mind using such a method!

"What the hell are you gonna do to let her off?" Questioned Sherry coldly and angrily.

Steve leaned forward and looked into Sherry's angry eyes. "It's easy. When I invite you later, don't find any excuses to refuse me."

"I'm too busy to go out with you." Sherry refuted at once.

If Steve invited her to go out every day, she would have no time to work.

"Don't refuse me when you are free, or I will come to find Linda."

Sherry kept silent for a few seconds, sighed and helplessly nodded.

The war in the business world was complicated, but the emotional world was more frightening.

Now, Sherry was in such a complicated situation. There were too many men around her. In order not to hurt herself, she was low-key and did not show her true feeling to anyone.

But the more she acted like this, the more attention she got.

Sherry had no idea when Steve had started to be interested in her.

Since she had already got hurt, she didn't let Linda, her good friend, be injured for love.

Steve is insane and inexplicable. If he is not prepared, any woman would really fall into the trap he set.

Sherry couldn't let anyone hurt Linda!

Hearing this, Sherry gradually closed her hands on her legs and told herself in her heart.

The door of the box was opened and Linda walked in.

Raising her head, Sherry saw Linda fix her make-up. The elegant and graceful appearance of Linda made Sherry upset.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting," Said Linda apologetically, sitting on her seat.

"It doesn't matter. It's my duty to wait for beautiful women like you," said Steve, unconcernedly.

Sherry frowned and stared at Steve coldly.

Sensing her gaze, Steve looked away. He seemed to have forgotten his promise.

As Steve was cutting the steak, his hand shook. One piece of steak fell on Linda's clothes accidentally.

Linda put a black skirt with lace edge in the office. It was her first time to wear it when Stev

close soon.

"Mr. Steve, Linda can go back with me." Said Sherry, as she forced Linda into a taxi.

Steve frowned and said, "Okay. You two take care and call me if anything happens."

"Okay, I know." Sherry closed the door of the car impatiently and asked the driver to drive faster.

A big happy smile spread across Linda's face, which was noticed by Sherry.

Sherry was afraid that the silly woman would fall in love with Steve. It was an excessive method for Steve to force Sherry by this way!

But Linda didn't think so at all. She just thought that time passed so fast and there was so much time left for her to talk with Steve.

Linda thought that Steve seemed to like her very much. She had heard that if a man had a crush on a woman, he would love everything of her. That was why Steve was nice to her best friend too!

After driving Linda home, Sherry went back to her apartment, put those bags into the room, changed into a dress and went out of the door.

Sherry looked at the time on her phone and found that it was already half past nine. It was so tiring for her to go shop with these two people. At this moment, Jeremy must be complaining that why she hadn't arrived at the hospital yet.

Fortunately, there were few cars on the road and she arrived at the hospital soon.

As soon as she arrived, she found that the door was open. When she was about to enter the ward, she heard the conversation inside.

"You can leave the hospital now. How long do you want to stay here?" The voice sounded a little old, as if it was from his attending doctor.

"A few days later!" Jeremy replied casually.

"There are a lot of things to deal with in your company every day. Are you sure you can handle them in the hospital?"

"Not bad. Sometimes I have to sacrifice something." Jeremy said meaningfully. Sherry frowned and wondered what he wanted to get?

"Hehe! How about removing your plaster? Don't you feel uncomfortable?"

"You know it! Hurry up and put it on. Sherry will be here soon."

Sherry had been waiting outside the ward and shocked by their conversation.

From their conversation, it seemed that Jeremy had been recovered a long time ago!

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