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   Chapter 88 Unexpected Client (Part One)

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"No matter what happened, you must let me know who hurt you at the first time." Linda put her hand on Sherry's shoulder and looked into her eyes sincerely.

Sherry felt warm in her heart. No matter how aggrieved she was, there was always a person silently supporting her behind.

Although Linda couldn't help her solve problems, it was enough for her to have such a best friend when she felt sad.

"Thank you, Linda." Sherry said in a low voice.

With her arms around Sherry's neck, Linda leaned forward and said, "Don't say that. We're best friend. No matter what happened, I will be your side and support you forever."

Sherry nodded, "Since you have been assigned to work with me, you must take your work very seriously because I am your manager and I'm very strict."

Linda curled her lips and rolled her eyes, "I know you are a workaholic. Hey, I have read the agreement recently. You have to make two cases at the same time, one is the Ou Group and the other is the Song Group. Did Jeremy Ou do it on purpose?"

Sherry forced a smile and said, "You already know the answer. Jeremy cooperates with my company on purpose."

"Jeremy is way out of line. If he sabotages at work, you must speak it out. You can't spoil him!" Linda snorted and gave her a ferocious look.

"It's OK. I know how to deal with him."

Sherry's task was very heavy now.

Sherry had asked for a few days off before, and the deadline approached, but she barely started. Fortunately, Steve had said that she could postpone it for a few days.

Linda admired Sherry very much. The moment Sherry arrived at the company, she would devote herself to work.

This silly woman finally stepped out of her little world, and could finally go back to the past. The strong busi

ere is nothing to explain."

Before Linda could say anything else, she saw Sherry snap the file away and say to her, "Let's go to meet the client together."

"Which client?" Linda was confused.

"The CEO of the Song Group, Steve, is the cooperative partner this time." Sherry said as she stood up and sorted out the documents.

Linda opened her eyes wide and said with excitement, "I'll get ready."

Then Linda took her handbag and went to the bathroom.

When Sherry tidied up and came out of her office, she saw that Linda was waiting for her at the door.

Sherry glanced at Linda casually and found that she looked much more beautiful than before. Perhaps it was because that she had fixed makeup, which made her look more exquisite.

"We are going to meet a client, of course I should be serious. The more beautiful I dress, the better." Seeing that Sherry cast a few glances at her, Linda stuck out her tongue and said in a low voice.

The members of her group gathered together right after Sherry took Linda out of the office. They were curious about the reason why Sherry only took Linda alone, and Linda was a new comer without any qualifications.

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