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   Chapter 64 What's So Great About Sherry (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-27 00:41

That night, Sherry didn't sleep well. Even after Jeremy had fallen asleep, she lay awake in her bed, tossing and turning.

She gently covered him with the quilt and stared at his face for a while. The corners of her mouth twitched as she relished the peacefulness.

The next morning, she woke up early. Jeremy was still sleeping and didn't seem to be waking up any time soon.

Last night, the weather wasn't so good. Thankfully, it was sunny today. Sherry drew the curtains open to let the sunshine in.

Sherry turned to gaze at Jeremy who was still sound asleep.

Then she tiptoed out of the ward.

A few moments later, Jessie arrived at the ward.

When she went inside the ward, she was surprised to find that Sherry wasn't there. Jeremy was on the bed, still sleeping. As her eyes scanned the room, she coldly muttered to herself, "As long as I'm here, Sherry could never replace me."

Jessie took off her shoes, climbed on the bed, and gazed at Jeremy in silence.

Gently touching his handsome face, Jessie mumbled, "Jeremy, I won't let anyone take you away from me."

Jessie quivered in anger as she thought of what happened yesterday. Sherry was lucky that she wasn't hurt despite everything.

Sherry was safe while Jeremy got hurt. On the contrary, Jessie somewhat regretted hiring those men to hurt Sherry. She just wanted to teach her a lesson but she didn't expect that Jeremy would get hurt in the process.

Jessie looked at Jeremy in guilt, caressing his face.

"What's so great about Sherry anyway? Why are you all so obsessed with her? You sacrificed yourself just to save Sh

ld look on his face sent a chill down Jessie's spine.

What was it about Sherry that he liked so much?

Where was the Jeremy that loved Jessie so dearly? Was he gone?

Digging her finger nails into her palm and shedding a few tears, she spoke, "Jeremy, what did I do wrong? Please tell me. I'll never do that again. Please don't drive me away."

He shook his head. When he spoke, he sounded tired. "I just don't want to see you for now. Get out!"

Jeremy was visibly irked.

When Jessie started crying, he couldn't help but feel disgusted.


"Fuck off!" Startled, Jessie was already trembling all over.

Jessie was being unreasonable and this infuriated him to no end.

If she went on, she didn't even want to imagine what he would do.

She decided to put up with it for a while. She still had a long way to go.

With a sigh, Jessie got up and reluctantly headed to the door, repeatedly looking back at Jeremy, hoping he would change his mind.

However, he had a somber look on his face which could only mean one thing—he didn't want her there.

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