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   Chapter 84 Be Saved By Him

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She mentioned divorce and said such ambiguous words again.

The corners of his mouth twitched. Suppressing his displeasure, Jeremy said, "Let's talk about it later."

"Okay, let's talk about it after you recover," said Sherry, "After a while, I will go home to fetch some clothes for change, and some..."

"I can ask Barry to get it. You stay here." Jeremy interrupted her.

Sherry bit her lips and said, "Well, then I'll call Barry."

Although she knew that he was injured and it was not a good time to say so.

Anyway, they can't go back to the past. Sherry don't want to give him hope.

The dishes of the hospital were served, and Sherry had already finished the phone call. The moment she came in, she saw that Jeremy was leaning against the head of the bed and looking at her with his sharp eyes.

"Ahem, let's eat!" Sherry said after casting a glance at the food in front of him.

"Look at me. Can I get up?" He gave a glance at his hand in plaster and pretended to be poor.

Helplessly, Sherry had no choice but to feed him.

She never found that Jeremy was so active in eating that he always bit the spoon. After he finished, the spoon was even snapped by him.

"I'm a patient now. You should be more patient." He said to her in a childish way.

However, Sherry repressed her anger and kept it to herself. When she was sick, she had never been as bothered as he was.

"You eat too." He said to her suddenly.

"I'm not hungry. I'll have some fruits later." Answered Sherry, and fed him another spoon of rice.

"No, it's not good to only eat fruits. Listen to me, let's eat together." Jeremy frowned and tried to coax her to eat with him.

Looking at him, Sherry was a little lost in thought.

When did he start to care about her?

"If you don't eat it, I won't eat it either. Just throw it away!" He thought that she was reluctant to eat and pretended to be angry.

Sherry lowered her head, stirred the spoon in the bowl and took a bite herself. After that, Jeremy smiled with satisfaction. "Good girl. You are not fat at all and you don't need to lose weight. You should be a little fatter."

However, Sherry turned a deaf ear to his words. She only took one bite and continued to feed him.

Under the pressure and temptation of Jeremy, it seemed that she was eating alone, and he didn't eat much.

"I haven't finished my meal yet. Why did you take it?" Jeremy was still not satisfied. After swallowing the meal, he watched Sherry put the food away and asked inexplicably.

"Don't eat too much tonight. You are sick, so you should eat less." Sherry put away the left half bowl of meat.

He had already eaten a pile of vegetables. It was unknown whether Sherry deliberately helped him only to pick up vegetables.

She was too lazy to serve him since she was full! He was speechless for her.

"Okay, then I want to eat some fruit!" He said.

Sherry took an apple out of the bag, ready to take out a fruit knife, but she heard him saying on the side, "I don't eat apple, just orange."

Sherry didn't notice that. "The fruit knife is too sharp. I don't want it to hurt you," he added.

She didn't know why she felt a little sore in her nose.

She did

is when there was another person beside her.

Smelling the familiar scent on him, she couldn't fall asleep at all.

"Really? How about sleeping in another way? Or you sleep on top of me?" He lowered his head, looked at her and said happily.

He did it on purpose. Sherry gnashed her teeth in anger and disdained to look at him.

"If you don't say anything, then you are agreed to sleep on me." The next second, his arm suddenly moved, as if trying to hug her.

"No way! Let's sleep like this." Sherry hastily refused, "Don't move!"

She was afraid that she hurt him again. And then he groaned and said it hurt.

"Okay, we'll stay put." He lowered his head, stared at her and smiled proudly.

Helplessly, Sherry lay on the bed and leaned tightly against him.

At this point, Jeremy was rather childish!

But she didn't have the heart to turn him down. It was he who took the initiative in the most difficult moment and helped her. When she was ill, he also helped her.

There was no reason for her to stand by. She wasn't a cold woman.

Suddenly, the sudden touch stunned Sherry. She grumbled in a low voice, "Didn't I tell you not to touch anything? Why do you move again?"

With his chin on her forehead, he responded in a hoarse voice, "I can't control it. Can you help me?"

Shameless! Sherry cursed him a thousand times in her heart.

Inadvertently, she suddenly found that when they got along with each other, there was no longer embarrassing or fighting.

It turned out that they could also get along in peace. The scene of her quarrel with Jeremy disappeared in an instant, and her dissatisfaction with him also decreased by a lot.

When she was lost in thought, she felt something warm touching her eyes. Jeremy kissed her again.

She got angry and slightly punched him on the chest, "Don't move!"

Jeremy mumbled, "Sherry. Be gentle. I'm a patient now." In Sherry's mind, he was as childish as a child now.

Again, Sherry was angry, but she took her hand back and dared not struggle any more. After all, she was saved by Jeremy. In return for him, she could only take care of him in this way.

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