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   Chapter 82 Get Hurt (Part One)

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The ward on the bed had been folded up neatly. She didn't eat the fruits on the table, and her shoes were gone.

Jeremy frowned and opened the bathroom's door, but he saw nobody there.

At this time, a nurse passed by. Jeremy stopped her and asked, "Where is the patient in this ward?"

The nurse was not in charge of Sherry. She turned around to look at this handsome man upon hearing his words, and said blankly, "Oh, she has already checked out two hours ago."

"Discharged from the hospital?" Jeremy repeated.

Although he had already felt it, he still asked.

"Yes. She was just discharged from the hospital yesterday after the fever was brought down. I have given her some medicine. It's not a big problem if she takes the medicine on time." Said the nurse.

He nodded and walked into the ward alone.

There was still Sherry's scent. Sitting on the bed, he remembered what he had said to her this morning.

She must be very sad and aggrieved.

How could he say that to her? How could Sherry seduce a man with such strong self-esteem? How could he compare her with those women who admired vanity?

On the other side, Sherry still felt a little dizzy on the way out of the hospital.

There wasn't much money with her. She only had a cell phone and some medicines. Before she left, she charged deliberately it to Jeremy's account.

Anyway, she was a vain woman who liked money in his mind.

Walking on the street, she glanced casually at the mirror of a clothing shop next to her. In the mirror, she looked tired with messy hair.

She sneered and really looked like a wandering ghost.

The nurse reminded her again and again to take medicine and not to catch a cold, or she would have a high fever.


Sherry was dragged to the car. She shook her head and tried to resist them. "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!"

"Shut up! Or I will fuck you right now!" When she got on the car, those men took out a rope and tied her hands and feet.

The car was started. Sherry used her last strength to kick the door, hoping someone would pass by and see what was wrong in the car.

However, as soon as the car started, everyone felt the car swaying forward, and they almost bumped their heads.

"Shit! Which fucking bastard?" The man with the tattoos said fiercely.

Before he could finish his words, his car was hit by someone again. They got off the car in rage.

Sherry tried hard to get out of the car with them, but they turned back and slammed the door, leaving her alone in the car.

She could only see what happened through the window.

Sherry turned her head and looked back.

The familiar black car came into view. Sherry was stunned to see the person who got off the car. It was Jeremy!

His white shirt, cuffs rolled up to his arm, his black suit pants wrapping in long legs with his firm face and a pair of cold and gloomy eyes.

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