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   Chapter 78 Let's Get Divorced (Part Two)

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In the dark room, a woman was lifted up the quilt and was about to get up.

Jeremy reached for the light by the wall and turned it on. The room lit up suddenly.

With long hair, the towel on Sherry's forehead had fallen down. She unfolded the towel on her hands and feet, getting up slowly and looked very clumsy.

The woman's clothes were open, revealing her skin. She looked very attractive.

But her clothes were obviously men's, and she didn't wear any clothes inside.

"Jeremy? Why are you here?" Said Sherry, in a faint voice. She looked like she just woke up.

In this room, there was a photo of Chester, and all the decorations in the room were reminding him that this was Chester's room.

Standing at the door for a few seconds, Jeremy stared at the weak woman in front of him. Both her appearance and her clothes were a sharp pain in his heart.

When Chester just arrived at the door, he felt a strong wind pouncing on him. Then he felt a sharp pain on his face and was beaten violently to one side.

Chester stepped back and held the wall. A fishy smell spread in his mouth and his tongue touched his mouth. His face hurt.

Jeremy punched Chester in the face with all his strength, as if all the jealousy turned into his power. He stared at Chester, gnashing his teeth.

Although Jeremy had guessed it from the beginning, he couldn't control his temper when he actually saw it.

Chester wiped his mouth, raised his head and calmly looked into Jeremy's angry eyes.

"Jeremy, what are you doing?" Sherry exclaimed. She was frightened by what he did!

How could he hit Chester?

As soon as she got off the bed, she bumped on her knee. It was so painful th

ed by my secretary. I didn't touch her. It's not what you think."

"Shut up! Chester." Jeremy lowered his head and ordered to Sherry, "You explain to me!"

Jeremy's voice made Sherry feel very tired, and she used all her strength to break away from his arms. She raised her head and looked at him with her pale face. Her lips moved slightly. The next what she said made Jeremy more angry.

"Now that you are disappointed, let's divorce!"

She was very sober. She had been dazed before, but now she was extremely sober.

It was better to get a divorce than to make wild guesses.

Jeremy was shocked by her words. But Chester was more shocked.

Jeremy had never thought that Sherry would make such a request. His eyes reflected the weak look of Sherry, but her eyes were very clear and determined.

It was out of Chester's expectation that she had made such a decision and said those words to Jeremy. There was a strange expression in Chester's eyes.

The anger in Jeremy's eyes suddenly cooled down. What Sherry said was like cold water pouring down from the top of his head, instantly dispelling his anger!

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