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   Chapter 69 Don't Hurt Her (Part One)

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"No, I didn't. Let me go!" Jeremy shackled Sherry with his hands, making her feel so painful that she was at a loss. She tried to break away from him with all her strength.

She fought so fiercely, but he just wouldn't let her go. He saw her contorted face and thought she was so hateful.

Suddenly, when she waved her hand hard, Jeremy did not know whether he was distracted or how, and his strength weakened slightly.

At this moment, Sherry broke away from him and accidentally leaned back, hitting the wall.

"Ouch..." She moaned in pain.

"Jeremy, what the fuck have you done?" A man's voice chimed in. At the same time, Steve put down the medicine in his hand and rushed to push Jeremy away.

When Jeremy was about to hug Sherry, he was pushed away suddenly. Then, a man rushed over and put his arm around her shoulder.

His anger disappeared, replaced by deep regret and pity.

"Are you okay?" With her hands holding Sherry's shoulders, Steve helped her sit up straight and supported her with his hands.

The piercing pain spread to every part of her body in an instant and triggered every nerve of her. She was so sensitive that she trembled uncontrollably.

"She is a patient now. If you have anything, you should wait until she recovers!" Said Steve in a towering rage.

Sweat started to break out on Sherry's forehead. Her face was pale. She grabbed the quilt tightly, trying to control the piercing pain.

"I..." Jeremy wanted to explain but found that he didn't say anything.

How did he explain? Why couldn't he control himself just now? He knew clearly what she was thinking. Why couldn't he talk to her nicely?

Steve didn't know what had happened between them. He just felt more distressed than Sherry whe

ce you come, I will transfer to another hospital." She said with a firm tone.

Steve almost burst into laughter. It was the first time that he had seen Jeremy being beaten up.

With a speechless expression, Jeremy smacked his lips and said in a resigned tone, "Okay."

Then Jeremy turned around and walked to the door, looking back at her with his eyes full of guilt.

After the door was closed, Sherry breathed heavily.

"You were so handsome just now." Steve teased.

It was not until she turned her head to look at Steve that she found that they were still sitting in a very intimate posture.

She moved her body slightly and moved her shoulder, suggesting that Steve should not hold her shoulder anymore.

"Are you really fine? Don't you need to see a doctor? What if the wound reopened again?"

"It doesn't matter. Don't worry. I know clearly my health." There was a pale smile on Sherry's face. Her lips hurt a bit. In order to endure the pain from her back, she bit her lips so hard that they were almost broken.

"I don't know what's wrong with Jeremy? What were you arguing for?"

She really didn't know how to answer his question.

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