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   Chapter 68 The Entanglement (Part Two)

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"Mr. Gu, you are so kind to me. Thank you for taking care of Sherry for me." Raising the corners of his mouth, Jeremy said sincerely.

Chester was in a trance for a second, which made Jeremy satisfied.

"If you can do that, you will make me admire you more." Jeremy had promised to take care of her, but he was gone. Now that he had taken all the responsibilities, he should take good care of her.

"There is no need to feel guilty between me and Sherry. You've just known her for a short time and you don't know her likes and dislikes," After saying that, Jeremy deliberately glanced at Sherry and said, "am I right?"

"Pretty good." Sherry answered him inexplicably.

The corners of Chester's mouth twitched, but he didn't say anything. As a result, Jeremy was even more arrogant. "She is only being polite to you."

"Really? I will remember what she likes in the future. " Said Chester.

At this moment, it was still uncertain whether they were really married or not. Chester couldn't make such a decision just because of Jeremy's one-sided remarks. Chester clinched his hands on his knees slightly.

"No need. I'm doing better than you. You don't have to meddle in this matter."

Sherry felt a headache. What on earth were they talking about?

"meddle? Don't you know how to speak, Jeremy?" Questioned Sherry in a discontent tone.

Chester turned his head to look at Sherry, and in a soft voice, said, "I have something to deal with in the company, so I'm leaving now. If anything happens, call me at any time."

Sherry was stunned by her words and asked, "are you leaving now?"

Actually, it was late now. Chester


"What did you say?" Jeremy frowned.

"If I told you that I just acted according to circumstances, then what would you do?"

How is that possible? Jeremy's heart skipped a beat. If that was the case, he would go crazy.

He would never allow his woman to flirt with other men.

Looking at his stunned expression, Sherry laughed more happily. "So, even if I have an affair with them, please don't take it seriously."

As soon as she finished her words, she felt a pain on her wrist, and then a tall and strong body covered her. "Do you really have an affair with Chester? Did you sleep with him? "

Gasped Sherry in a low voice. She didn't expect that a single sentence of hers would make Jeremy go wild. His imagination was so wild.

"Ouch! Let me go!" She pinched him hard with the other hand, but he did not move at all.

His face was getting closer and closer to Jean, and the dangerous breath from him was getting thicker and thicker, just like a preying cheetah.

"Sherry, how dare you cheat on me and steal a man?" Jeremy said in a furious tone, gritting his teeth.

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