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   Chapter 67 The Entanglement (Part One)

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Sherry was stunned by the present of Jeremy.

Standing at the door, Jeremy had a handsome face, which made all women blush. Even his frowned and the coldness between his eyebrows was enchanting.

However, Sherry was calm and wasn't crazy about it.

"Nice to see you here, Chester." Said Steve with a frown. Then he stepped forward and greeted with a smile.

Chester stood up and took a glance at Steve. Then he fixed his eyes on Jeremy beside Steve, politely nodded his head and continued to sit down.

The atmosphere in the ward suddenly became strange. Sherry felt like there was a thorn in her body. "Mr. Song."

She greeted him indifferently. Steve put down the things he brought and the table was filled with food at once.

"I got drunk last night and didn't come to see you until now." Steve wanted to say something, but he couldn't speak it out in front of the two men beside him.

"It's okay, it's the same." There was no expression on Sherry's face, and she didn't say anything more.

Jeremy stepped forward. His cold expression made Sherry nervous inexplicably. And out of the corner of her eyes, she involuntarily looked towards the direction along with his movement.

"What's the use of buying all these? Can she get recovered as soon as possible? " Said Jeremy in a low voice.

Steve was confused. He didn't know why Jeremy was so angry.

Chester also brought a lot of stuffs. Jeremy's words became harsh and ear piercing.

"It doesn't matter. I like it very much. Thank you." Sherry said.

Steve didn't take Jeremy's words seriously. Upon hearing Sherry's soothing words, he couldn't help feeling that this woman sometimes was cold, but sometimes very considerate.

"I'm so sorry that I invited y

lt that you got hurt."

The biggest reason of him doing this was that he didn't want to face the provocative Jeremy anymore!

However, it was due to Jeremy that she could get rid of Steve.

When Sherry raised her head, she almost forgot that there was another problem in front of her.

Sitting on either side of her were Chester on her left and Jeremy on her right. Jeremy was staring at Chester with sharp eyes like a knife. While Chester was staring at Jeremy with his gentle eyes like the spring wind. Their movements were so different.

Did they forget that they are business partners for the time being?

"Thank you for keeping Sherry company for so long." Suddenly, Jeremy said.

Hearing this, Sherry took a look at Jeremy, and then averted her eyes to look at Chester. She had made up her mind that if Jeremy was speaking the same sarcastic words as he had said to Steve, she would definitely retort Jeremy without hesitation.

But his voice was neither cold nor warm. It just felt like he owned her.

It was weird.

"Not at all. She is one of SZ Advertising Company's employees. It's my duty." Chester was not in a hurry at all.

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