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   Chapter 63 Take Care of Her (Part Two)

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"It's not bad. I'm sure you'll like it." He coaxed her patiently.

"I said no!" She refused firmly.

The quilt was pulled off forcefully by him. With his good-looking eyebrows raised, he said in a somewhat cold and stern tone, "Or I will feed you, without any objection."

Sherry widened her eyes and stared at him fiercely. If her eyes could kill people, she must have cut a man's head into pieces.

He always used this trick to force her, and the most important thing was that she had no way to refuse him.

With a faint triumphant smile, he put his hand on the back of Sherry's neck, and supported her on the back of her head with the other hand. He then supported her to sit up and put several big pillows behind her back.

"I'll do it myself." He had already put his hand to her mouth, and Sherry suddenly said.

"Let me feed you."

He fed her until he felt it was appropriate.

He was not good at doing this kind of things, but he had been trying his best to show his tenderness.

But Sherry didn't eat it. Instead, she took the bowl away and had already tasted it herself before he could react.

"How does it taste?" He knew exactly that she disliked eating it, but he still asked her.

"Just so so. But I can eat anything not cooked by yourself." Sherry replied coldly.

When he made the porridge for her last time, he forced her to finish it. Upon hearing her answer, he was choked and didn't know what to say.

She wanted to finish it as soon as possible, because she didn't want to feel that taste for the rest of her life.

She ate for a long time and found that Jeremy didn't eat anything. But she didn't care whether he had eaten or not.

At this time, a nu

hurt that much. At least she didn't cry out.

She was so stubborn that Jeremy didn't know if she really didn't feel pain or she just didn't want to cry out, so he didn't know whether he should keep on.

Her wound was badly mangled and the tender skin was now beginning to show up. Looking at her back, Jeremy reached out his hand to touch it, but he was afraid that he might hurt her, so he had to withdraw his hand.

However, Sherry had no idea of that. She bit her lips tightly and was afraid that the scissor would be directly stabbed into her flesh by Jeremy if he got mad.

But it didn't seem so painful. She breathed a sigh of relief.

The nurse who had been watching the scene clearly didn't expect that the fierce man's hand would be so gentle.

After he took off the gauze, he took out the medicine and alcohol in front of him from the plate and began to dab it on the back of Sherry.

The cool and chilly feeling made Sherry tremble. He thought it was hurt again. When he was about to speak, she added, "It's very cold and it doesn't hurt."

The nurse was relieved and continued to put medicine on Sherry.

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