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   Chapter 61 Having An Intimate Moment

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Sherry sensitively felt that something was wrong. She looked down at her fingers and said, "thank you for coming to see me. I want to have a rest. Would you please go out?"

A faint smile played on Jeremy's lips. He was quite dissatisfied with what Sherry had said. When he was about to say something, the calm and gentle voice of Chester came through, "okay. Whatever you want to say, just call me. I'm right outside the door."

Raising her head, Sherry smiled at him as she thanked him, and then Chester smiled too. Chester turned around and left the room.

Although Jeremy was angry, he couldn't lose his temper when he thought of the pain Sherry just suffered.

He stepped forward to cover Sherry with the quilt, and said as gently as possible, "Then I'll go out now. Call me if you need anything."

Sherry didn't say anything, nor did she smile at him as she smiled at Chester. Instead, she stared blankly out of the window.

Without saying anything, Jeremy silently closed his lips and gently closed the door for her.

The moment he came out, he saw that Chester was holding a phone in his hand. It seemed that Chester was making a phone call.

Sure enough, Chester put the phone to his ear and said in a magnetic voice, "Beisy, I am in hospital, no, Miss Xu is injured. You prepare something for me, I want..."

As soon as he finished speaking and hung up the phone, Jeremy said in a cold and emotionless voice, "you can go back. I will stay here."

Chester put his phone in his pocket and turned around to look at Jeremy after hearing Jeremy's words.

Jeremy looked back calmly. The peaceful air between them suddenly became embarrassing.

They two had been very popular in the school. Although they didn't know each other, they both heard of each other's names.

But now, it was inexplicably difficult for him to see his rival in love.

"No. Sherry is attending the birthday party on behalf of SZ Advertising Company. As her boss, I should arrange everything for her." Chester said indifferently.

Under the light of the corridor, the two men looked at each other. They were both tall and handsome.

The difference was that the former was gentle and friendly, while the latter was as cold as an iceberg and was speechless.

"Really? The relationship between you and her is just about work. How can you compare with that between me and her?" Jeremy gave a scornful smile.

It was not the first time that Chester had called her in such an intimate way!

Only one nickname had made Jeremy go mad with jealousy.

"So, what's your relationship with her?" Said Chester.

Chester had a vague answer in his mind, but he didn't want to admit it.

Before that, he had seen Jeremy and Sherry be together more than once. But in the past few days, he had seen the attitude of Sherry towards Jeremy.

It couldn't be a quarrel between a couple. It was so different from being looked at a lover, but more like looking at a stranger.

Suddenly, Jeremy walked towards him and said in an arrogant, provocative, or proud tone, "She is my woman. She is my woman!"

Chester stared at him quietly with a faint smile instead of being shocked or angry as Jeremy expected.

"She's my woman and you don't need to take care of her. So

nervous that couldn't be relaxed. Then he added, "Barry, I'm in City Central Hospital. You can bring a suit of clothes here."

Hearing that he was in the hospital, Barry asked anxiously, "are you sick? Where is Mrs. Ou?"

"It's not me Bring some more clothes for Sherry and postpone the meeting tomorrow." With one hand on the pole beside the wall and his index finger tapping, Jeremy seemed to be calculating the schedule of the next day.

"Okay, I'll be there soon." Barry hung up the phone, changed his clothes and rushed to the villa where Jeremy lived before.

After hanging up the phone, Jeremy looked down at the blood on his body and frowned slightly.

He walked into the ward, took off his coat and sat down on the bedside. Sherry still remained in the same position as before.

"Move in." He said softly.

Sherry moved a little. It seemed that she was not asleep, but her body hurt so much that she couldn't move. Jeremy leaned his body and gently moved her body a little to the side of the bed.

"Humph!" Sherry gave a light snort. Then, Jeremy's hand was even gentler. "Did I hurt you?"

Sherry didn't say anything, and Jeremy gave an awkward smile.

Jeremy took off his shirt, and a strong male breath overwhelmed Sherry, enveloping the whole body of Sherry on her body.

Sherry was a little uneasy, trying to neglect that breath.

The bed was big enough for Sherry slept on it alone, but it was crowded when Jeremy slept on it with his long hands and feet.

With a sigh, Sherry had to turn her back to him.

She tossed a wisp of her hair to Jeremy's face. He reached out his slender hand and brushed it away. He buried his face in her hair, sniffed the fragrance and gradually fell asleep.

After Barry took clothes to the hospital, she called Jeremy, but Jeremy didn't answer. Barry paced in the hospital for a long time before he found the ward where they were.

Not daring to disturb them, Barry left after handed the stuff to the nurse on duty.

When sleeping to the point that he was not completely awake, Jeremy heard the sobs of forbearance one after another. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked nervously at Sherry.

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