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   Chapter 58 You Won't Be Complacent Too Long (Part One)

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Everyone was stunned by the sudden incident.

Chester was still talking with Steve about the cooperation before he heard a deafening noise. He looked back and found the woman who fell over looked familiar in the clothes she was wearing.

"It was Sherry." Someone said.

Then Chester recognized the person in no time. But Steve ran to her more quickly.

And just as the waitress stretched out her hand to help Sherry stand up, a figure strode over.

In the corridor of the washroom, Jeremy was talking with Sherry just now. He didn't expect to come out a few steps late to meet such a thing.

Looking at the woman lying in the pile of glass fragments, Jeremy's face suddenly covered with a dark cloud, and his handsome face was a little angry. He went to the side of Sherry the first time.

"Damn it!" He said in a low voice, and his tall body suddenly covered Sherry.

Sherry groaned, and she didn't know if it was pain or not. The harsh light in front of her eyes and the screams of all people were all in her ears. She wanted to stand up by herself, but she quickly retracted her hand on the ground.

Because it was all pieces of glass, and her hand was slowly bleeding.

Jeremy walked up to her and hurriedly said, "Don't be afraid, Sherry. I'm here."

It was his voice again. Sherry was very reluctant to see Jeremy. Even though it was hurt, she still turned her head to stand up by herself, but it was just in vain.

A big and warm hand held her shoulders, and then she felt her body was hung in the air. Someone picked her up.

In the familiar and safe arms, Sherry heard Jeremy still calling her in a low voice, "Sherry? Answer me!"

"Stop shouting. I won'

's enough to ask you to get out. If you are to be held accountable, I'm afraid you can't afford to pay!" Someone beside her added insult to injury.

Anyway, it was this waitress's fault that she should pay for it.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Steve. I swear, I was tripped by someone, or I wouldn't have bumped into those glasses on purpose." The waitress was so worried that tears almost came out. She begged Steve to believe her.

If this accident got around, no one would hire her to be a waitress in the future.

When Chester saw Jeremy holding Sherry and walking out of the room, he looked around the roof and kept silent for a long time. Then he withdrew his deep eyes and went out with them.

Steve looked at the waitress, feeling that she almost knelt down to beg him to forgive her and trust him.

"Then tell me, who did that?" Steve almost roared out.

Seeing so much blood, he was so worried that his heart almost stopped beating.

The waitress looked around and found that there were glamorous men and women and looked at her questioningly. She stammered, "I, I don't know. I didn't notice it at that time."

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