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   Chapter 57 Accident

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It was a little hot. She accidentally poured some red wine on Jeremy just now. Now he had taken off his coat and only wore a shirt, with three buttons on the collar scattered. A casual but noble and elegant air radiated like a light.

Hearing her footsteps, Jeremy turned his head and saw her. His face was stiff.

Sherry kept a cold face and walked past him, without looking at him.

Jeremy would definitely not let her go easily. Even though she was very tired, Sherry had no choice but to face him.

Sure enough, she heard him tease, "Are you done? Where are you touched?"

Taking a deep breath, Sherry refrained from getting angry. She completely ignored him and went on her own way.

Jeremy wouldn't let her go easily. Facing her indifference, he reached out his hand. Sherry had known that he would do something, so she leaned sideways a little.

Jeremy moved his hand down all of a sudden and held her hand with one hand and said, "You have the courage to dance with Steve. Dare not speak to me now?"

Sherry stopped and stared at his cold eyes. She could clearly see the anger hidden in his eyes.

"I don't want to answer such a boring question." Sherry's words were cold and indifferent, as if she was refusing to be accosted by a strange man.

Her attitude successfully provoked the anger that he had just hidden. Sherry's words were like a sharp knife, every time it would make him unable to control his temper.

"You tell me what questions should I ask? You had a nice chat with Steve, but you were unwilling to be together with me. Sherry, don't tell me that you fell in love with Steve." Jeremy's eyebrows were knitted and his thin lips were twitched, while Sherry still had an indifferent expression on her face.

Falling in love with Steve? This was the funniest joke Sherry had ever heard. She was as cold as an iceberg, invulnerable to any harm. But it was easy for her to trigger the anger of Jeremy.

"It's impossible! Don't imagine that!" Sherry said to him word by word. She hated it when Jeremy always liked to think about something unnecessary.

"Have you forgotten what I told you? Because Steve is interested in you, you throw yourself at him!" Jeremy held her hand more tightly and looked at her sarcastically.

It seemed that the now Sherry could easily stimulate the bloodthirsty factors in his blood. Every moment when he was with her, he seemed to be easy to go crazy and restless.

Sherry gave a cold smile, raised her head and looked at her wrist that was held tightly by him. It was about to go red. This time, she just endured slightly. "I won't throw myself on him. Now you can rest assured!"

She didn't want to waste time arguing with him.

"Play hard to get. You're such a cunning girl. I can't rest assured," he said angrily.

Sherry abruptly looked u

emy, it was also a good opportunity to have some fun on Sherry.

She put down the wine glass and quietly walked behind Sherry.

There happened to be a waitress passing by Sherry. Jessie took the opportunity.

After dressing up, Sherry walked to the middle of the hall. There was a pile of old red wine glasses filled with red liquid in front of her. When she passed by, she suddenly heard someone exclaiming.

She looked back in surprise, and a waitress in cheongsam accidentally rushed to her, looking at her in horror.

Sherry hastily retreated, but at that moment, the waitress had already pounced on her. Instead of leaning on her, the waitress pushed the glasses beside her.

"Ah!!!" The waitress screamed painfully, and Sherry was stunned and also screamed.

Hundreds of wine glasses fell apart suddenly!

In high heels and a long dress, Sherry stepped back and accidentally stepped on the hemline of the dress. Then, all the red wine was sprinkled on her body!

All the red wine glasses collapsed with a clang and broke into pieces on the ground, pieces of glass everywhere.

Because Sherry stepped on the dress, she leaned back. The white dress was full of red wine. When she fell on the ground, the fragment of broken glass was stabbed into Sherry's exposed skin!

"Oh my God!"

"How could this be? That lady seems to be Miss Sherry!"

Sherry let out a painful groan. Her face was distorted uncontrollably. Under the gaze of everyone, she was lying in a pool of red water.

"Sorry... I'm so sorry." The waitress who knocked down the glasses of red wine hurried to get close to Sherry and was sorry to help her up.

Jessie, who was responsible for all this, proudly looked at the scene. Although Sherry didn't put her face down first, it was okay to let her suffer a little in the back and see if she could still wear such a dress in the future!

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