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   Chapter 55 Best Heroine (Part Two)

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Struggling, Sherry had to put her hand on Steve's. Steve put his fingers together and held her small hand in his heart.

Steve patted her on the back of her hand and said in a voice that only they two could hear, "You must be the winner tonight." It was obvious that Steve said this on purpose, but Sherry didn't care about it at all.

"……" Sherry gave an awkward smile, not knowing what to say.

She didn't want to be a winner at all. She just wanted to hide in the crowd and be an unknown nobody.

Because it was Steve who invited her to come up personally, everyone had given her a seat. She only wanted to stand on the edge, but now she was directly put in the middle.

Outside the stage, Chester was watching her. When she turned around, she found that Jeremy was also staring at her.

One of them had clear eyes, with a slight smile, and the other had a cold attitude that seemed to be a little restrained and depressed. Both of them were waiting to see what on earth would Sherry do?

"Okay! Is there any lady coming up? " The emcee craned her neck to look around. When she was sure that almost all the ladies were on the stage, he said, "Gentlemen can start sending roses. Pick the most beautiful and popular lady you think, and send the roses to her!"

As soon as emcee finished, men came to the stage one after another.

Sherry lowered her head and handed the first rose to her. She took it. Then the second, the third, the fourth...

She looked at the roses in her hand and felt a little annoyed. Why did these men give flowers to her? She didn't want to receive even a single flower!

As more and more men sent the roses out, Jeremy was still standing under the stage, with his eyes fixed on Sherry.

The roses in her hand were obviously more than others.

There was a hint of coldness in Jeremy's eyes.

his moment that Sherry remembered this. She responded to Steve with a confused look. Did someone say that just now? She wondered how she should make a choice.

Did she want to challenge Jeremy's bottom line?

With a mysterious smile, Steve went downstairs.

She had to hold so many roses in her hands. 'It never occurred to her that these roses represented love, but unfortunately, everyone here was not her dish!

Really?' She asked herself in her heart.

After everything was over, the emcee came back to the crowd's sight again. "Wow, this time, the best heroine is under everyone's expectation!"

There was no need for Sherry to see roses on the other person's hand at all. She was indifferent to everything, but she became the winner.

"Yes, Miss Sherry is the winner!" As soon as the emcee finished, thunderous applause was heard in the spacious hall.

On the whole stage, other women had just gone away, and there was only Sherry standing there alone, like a delicate white rose, her bright big eyes swept across the crowd.

"Well, Miss Sherry, the most eye-catching heroine today, please choose a man to dance with you!" The emcee announced loudly.

People all quieted down and looked at Sherry.

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