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   Chapter 51 Accident about Dress (Part Two)

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Chester started the car, turned it around and drove out. It soon disappeared from Jeremy's sight.

In the car, Sherry didn't notice that it was a car of Jeremy on the opposite side. She just gloomily looked at the torn dress and asked, "What should we do now?"

"It doesn't matter. Your clothes are already torn. You can't attend the party in this way. Let me take you to a place." To change your dress. Chester said calmly.

After looking at the time on the phone, Sherry said shyly, "But it's already this time. It's going to be late for changing dress again."

After thinking for a while, she said to Chester: "It doesn't matter if I am late. You are the CEO of the company, so you can't be late. Put me down on the roadside. I will change my clothes by myself and catch a taxi later."

Of course, Chester would not leave her alone here. He stretched out his hand and patted on the back of her hand gently. "We will not be late. Don't worry!"

Chester parked his car in front of an upscale club. The surrounding of the club is quiet, with few pedestrians and shops, looking very cold and cheerless. But wherever you looked at it, you could feel an aura of nobility.

Wearing a coat of Chester, Sherry got out of the car and looked here in surprise.

She had passed by there, but she had never found such a special place before. Without any surprise, he walked beside her and took her inside.

The club's waiter got excited when he saw Chester. "Mr. Chester."

"Where is your manager?"

"The manager is here. Do you want to see him?"


The waiter showed them to a place to rest and said, "Please wai

ay Zhong on his shoulder and said in a low voice, "Thank you very much. I will pay for this later."

Jay Zhong nodded. He knew that Chester was in a hurry, so he stopped chatting with him.

Chester took another look at Sherry, and suddenly he couldn't look away. A little clothing on Sherry would make her look several times more beautiful than usual. He stared at her back, moving a little forward, and once again put his coat on her.

They arrived at Steve's villa again.

When they got off the car, it was completely dark, but fortunately they were not late. Sherry breathed a sigh of relief and said to Chester gratefully, "Mr. Chester, thanks to your help, or I really don't know what to do. Thank you very much."

"It's just a piece of cake. If you want to thank me, you can work hard in the future." Chester took the clothes in Sherry's hands and said with a smile.

"Sure. But I don't understand why the red dress suddenly cracked. Am I too fat?" Standing beside him, Sherry walked into the villa with him.

Hearing what she said, Chester frowned but said nothing.

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