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   Chapter 48 Punish Her (Part One)

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The next day, after lunch break, Sherry went to a clothing store.

There were some clothes in her wardrobe, but at that time she always wore some ladylike clothes, so she wanted to change her style.

She didn't want to live for Jeremy anymore. She had to change herself completely. Of course, she couldn't just focus on work and life. Now, she had to change her taste in the past.

She selected a suit in the clothing shop for a while and was about to try it on when she saw a figure coming out from the fitting room in the mirror.

It was a little familiar to her. Sherry frowned and looked at the person again. When the person turned around, the familiar face made her feel ridiculous.

What a small world!

The shop assistant reminded Sherry, "Lady, would you like to try on this dress?" The shop assistant noticed that she kept silent and wondered what happened to this lady.

The voice of the shop assistant drew Jessie's attention. At a glance, she saw Sherry standing beside the fitting room.

"It's you, Sherry!" The sharp voice of Jessie gave Sherry a headache.

If it was her before, she would pretend not to see Jessie, or completely ignored her. But now, Sherry was totally different, so she turned around and said to Jessie, "What a coincidence!"

On her ten centimeter high heels, swinging her slender waist, Jessie walked towards Sherry and glanced at the dress in the hands of the shop assistant beside her. "You're here to pick a dress too?" She asked.

"Yes!" Sherry cast a glance at Jessie from head to toe. Jessie was not very tall, but her figure was slim and lithe, and her makeup on her face was very coquettish. No wonder she could attract a man's heart.

"Are you going to Mr. Steve's bir

was true that Jeremy didn't make their relationship public, and it was only her own wishful thinking.

But Jeremy never called Jessie honey. Although he would always buy everything she liked, but actually he didn't fall in love with her.

Jessie even began to doubt whether Jeremy liked her or not...

"I'm going to try on my dress. If you have any question, we can talk about later." Sherry didn't want to have a quarrel with her. No matter what, she was now the wife of Jeremy.

Their marriage certificates were still kept in the cabinet.

Sherry selected a red dress, which was bright red and very eye-catching. The dress was long and narrow, showing her slender legs. And the hollowed out on her waist made her perfect figure more attractive.

She had never worn such dress before, but this time, she found that she felt so wonderful wearing red dress.

It had been a long time since she behaved like this. Everything had changed since she married Jeremy. She hid her character and even changed her style.

Her long hair fell over her shoulder and curled back. She would be more beautiful if she had put on a little more heavy makeup.

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