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   Chapter 44 Being Caught in Bed (Part Two)

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"Durian? Why did someone especially order durians for women? " Jeffery frowned.

Sherry smiled and said, "I don't know, so I think he is deliberately playing a trick on me."

When she was leaning on Jeffery, her body was stiff. But after a while, she seemed a little relaxed.

When they got off the car, Sherry insisted on paying for the taxi. Jeffery refused her resolutely and took the money away. He helped Sherry get off the car and carried her back to her apartment.

He took the key out of her bag, opened the door, and helped her to the bedroom, pouring her a glass of water.

"I am going to the pharmacy to buy some medicine." After that, he took the keys and walked out.

Sherry quickly took his hand and said weakly, "there's no need to go to the pharmacy. There's medicine in the bottom drawer of the desk. Just give it to me."

Jeffery hurriedly put down the key in his hand, and rummaged through the drawer to find the medicine mentioned by Sherry. He then took out a white pill, and put it in water for her to eat.

"Thank you!" Sherry looked at him gratefully. Jeffery could always appear suddenly when she needed help. He was so pure and kind, like an angel. She really hoped that she could have a brother like him.

But this idea flashed by. No matter how much hope she had, it would never come true.

"You're welcome!" Jeffery looked into her eyes and said, "have a good rest. I'll wait outside. Call me if you need anything."

Sherry was so weak that she nodded and fell asleep. Jeffery tiptoed out of the bedroom and closed the door for her. Then he sat on the sofa in the living room.

After three hours, it was six o'clock in the afternoon. Jeffery o

ng by the door. Then she greeted Jeremy in a weak voice.

Jeremy sneered, stepped forward, looked at Sherry lying on the bed and angrily said, "if I haven't come back yet, you two might begin to have sex!"

Jeffery was a grown-up man, so he could understand what he meant. On his feet, he explained angrily, "no, it's not like that, Mr. Jeremy."

"Then what is it like? Didn't you just try to put your hand into her clothes? " However, Sherry, who was lying on the bed, only felt a headache after being scolded by Jeremy in such a cold and sardonic way. And she yelled, "Jeremy, shut up!"

"It's lucky that I came back in time, or you bitch have cheated on me!"

Jeremy's words were full of thorns, which made it hard for people to accept. Sherry was weak, and when Jeffery saw that her face was even paler than before, he was very distressed.

But Jeremy didn't notice at all that there was something wrong with Sherry. He had been carried away by jealousy, and all he could think about now was what Jeffery had done to her just now.

If he came back a little late, what could this woman do! Everything was over!

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