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   Chapter 43 Being Caught in Bed (Part One)

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She trembled with fear at the thought.

Steve frowned and said in dissatisfaction, "it doesn't matter. You can still be female companion in the name of your company."

"It's not like that. No matter who will be your female companion, I'm afraid it will cause a big sensation. I don't want to be the center of gossip, and I don't want everyone to misunderstand me."

All she wanted now was to do her job well and work hard. She just wanted to get what she was supposed to have by her own ability, not because of any other man.

If she became his female companion, she would be the hottest topic in the city.

In addition, she had a more depressing idea that the birthday party of Steve and Jeremy as his good friend had to attend.

Now, she was no longer afraid of Jeremy, and didn't care about what he thought. However, she didn't want to make any trouble. She didn't want to have anything to do with either of them.

Looking at Sherry's determined face, although Steve was not willing to give up, he still persuaded himself in the heart that no matter how Sherry had promised to attend his birthday.

As long as she didn't reject him directly, he would conquer her sooner or later!

"Well, since you have your own idea, I won't force you. You just remember to come that day." Steve compromised, took a sip of water and said slowly.

Hearing this, Sherry was relieved. She was really worried that Steve had the same reason to prevaricate her, including losing his face. It was enough for him to use such a reason. If he used too much, he would be very hateful.

"Let's continue to talk about the advertising plan!" Said Sherry lightly, picking up a pen on the table.

She felt sick and

t wouldn't matter even if she skipped work for half a day!

"Please take me home again." Sherry smiled apologetically.

Jeffery immediately carried her on his back and said, "it won't be troublesome at all. I will drive you home now."

He found a taxi and asked Sherry to lean on him. He then carefully wiped her mouth with tissue, feeling upset.

"What happened?" Jeffery asked softly.

Sherry was weak. She knew that she couldn't rely on Jeffery too much, but he was powerful on his thin shoulder. Leaning on him, she felt much better.

"I was tricked by a big client during dinner." After saying that, she smiled bitterly.

"Who? It's disgusting to trick women! " Jeffery did care about her, which touched Sherry.

"He invited me to dinner, saying that he was going to talk business with me. Perhaps he was picking on me! I hate durian the most. The things he ordered are almost all about durian. " Said Sherry.

He stared at her shoulder, smelling the fragrance of her hair. He really wanted to put his hand on her shoulder.

However, this thought flashed in his mind for a second. He tried hard to restrain it.

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