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   Chapter 37 Scheming Man (Part Two)

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Steve liked doing something malicious. If it weren't for the fact that they were good friends, Jeremy would have hung up the phone without saying anything.

He pressed the answer key, "hello."

"Jeremy, here's a good news and a bad news. Which one do you want to know first?" Steve's voice sounded very excited. However Jeremy had no idea how thrilled Steve was.

"I will hang up." Jeremy said indifferently.

"Stop! You're not such a humorous man. I got some information about that wild kitten. " Said Steve immediately. It seemed that he was really afraid that Jeremy would hang up the phone.

A wild kitten? The wild kitten that Steve was just talking about was his woman, Sherry! Giving a glance at Sherry in the kitchen, Jeremy held the phone in his hand and walked to the balcony, which was a little far away from the kitchen. "I'm more interested in the bad news."

If what he was interested in was good news, that was ridiculous. Who would want other men to covet his woman?

"Bad news? That's too little information." Said Steve.

The expression on Jeremy's face softened a little. "Please move on," he said

"I haven't finished my words! The 'good news' hasn't come to the point yet. The good news is that I have her phone number! " Steve said excitedly.

The look on Jeremy's face became somber again, while Steve, who was full of confidence and arrogance, said arrogantly, "I can get any woman I want. Jeremy, have you been with the kitten for a period?"

"So what?" Jeremy was getting a little impatient.

"If so, tell me what she likes? What does she like to do, eat and play? " Steve didn't expect Jeremy to give his an answer


"Come on, you're not a kid anymore. Can't you hold your phone in your hand? Have you built so many muscles in vain? So weak! " It was somewhat ridiculous for Sherry to censure him loudly.

She accused him like a child.

"So what can I do to make you believe me?" He shrugged his shoulders and said.

How could he say that! Biting her lips, Sherry was so angry that her shoulders were trembling. Her phone had fallen into the bathtub, and there was so much water in it. It must be useless to take it out now.

As long as he appeared, there was nothing good!

Suddenly, an idea came up in Sherry's mind.

She sneered, turned around suddenly, wore her slippers, ran into the living room, and then ran into the bathroom.

She was still holding a black phone in her hand. "What are you going to do?" Jeremy asked in confusion

As a result, his cellphone was thrown into the bathtub by Sherry in a parabolic curve.

Jeremy was even splashed with water.

He looked at the two cellphones in the bathtub in surprise. Her white phone and his black phone died in the bathtub together.

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