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   Chapter 36 Scheming Man (Part One)

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As Jeremy got closer and closer to her, she could hear his more and more clear breath. Sherry's heart beat a little fast.

What was he doing? He had warned her once in the morning. Would he come here tonight to humiliate her?

Without thinking, she turned around and walked toward another direction.

Under the sunglasses, Jeremy narrowed his eyes. Under the gaze of the anthomaniac crowd, he strode up to Sherry and blocked her way with his tall body.

"Mr. Jeremy, what are you doing?" Said Sherry, pretending to be cold.

The more Sherry tried to distance herself from him, the more Jeremy wanted to be close to her in front of everyone.

"I'm here to pick you up." He said casually, putting his right hand on her shoulder.

Such an intimate act didn't seem awkward at all. On the contrary, he enjoyed it when others looked at them in surprise.

"What? Now, we are downstairs in public. Don't you want to disassociate yourself from me? " Sherry was confused by his puzzling movements.

She was not stupid. It was just that she had been used to his coldness over the past three years. She would suffocate to death if the way they got along was not the same!

"Don't be so unpleasant. You should give me a kiss now." The cool expression on his face was so annoying. He put his arm around her shoulder and took her to his car.

"You are not allowed to park here. Didn't you get a ticket?" Sherry sat in the car and gloated.

"Really?" Of course, he didn't tell her that he had already got a ticket when he parked the car here.

But he didn't show any sympathy to her. What he cared about was that he couldn't let others think that she was the woman

rry didn't know how to comment on his childish behavior, so she had to put on the slippers handed by him, stepped hard on the floor, and went to the kitchen with a bag in her hand.

Not like her feelings, Jeremy was satisfied with what he had done.

As soon as Sherry came back, she went directly into the kitchen to work on it without taking a rest. In the meantime, Jeremy loosened his tie and went to the bathroom. He then added some hot water to take a shower first.

At this time, the phone on the living room suddenly rang. Sherry rushed out and saw that Jeremy had taken off his shirt and exposed his strong muscles. Her face flushed and her eyes fell on the phone on the tea table.

The black phone was owned by Jeremy, and the white one was Sherry's. Now it was ringing the black phone.

"Yours." Muttered Sherry, and then she went back to the kitchen to continue her work.

The shy look of her was all witnessed by Jeremy. He strolled lazily to the tea table and saw the name on the screen.

'Steve Song?'? Why did he call?

Did he ask him to drink in the bar and play with women again!

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