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   Chapter 22 You Are Really Getting More And More Cunning (Part Two)

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He stared at her eyes and found that she was just as beautiful as usual. She was really enchanting when her long hair fell on her shoulder.

In the past, when he got injured, Sherry was always very worried for fear that there would be any accident to him. But last night, she did not come to see him at all. She looked so energetic that she should have had a good sleep.

At the thought of this, he got a little angry.

Sherry had already bandaged. "Ok, have breakfast!"

'So fast?', Jeremy thought. Jeremy touched his head and stood up from her legs. Sherry said lightly, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that I invited a maid."

At that time, Jeremy was drinking milk. He was surprised and asked, "housemaid? Why did you suddenly hire a maid? "

Why didn't she tell him about it? Was she really took him seriously?

Besides, she always hated it?

Sherry disliked those maids before because she thought those women would disturb two-person world and seduce her husband.

"There are so many things at home that I want to hire a maid to help." Sherry gave an ambiguous answer.

Jeremy took a bite of the fried egg. Sherry had always been good at cooking with a good match of nutrition. He nodded and said, "okay. When you are at home alone, you'll have someone accompany you."

'If she have someone accompany at home, she won't bring those bad men back again, ' thought Jeremy.

"You'd better go to the hospital for a check-up. It is bad for your health if there is any aftereffect." Sherry stared at him and said.

Her concern was obvious. A faint smile appeared on Jeremy's face. Sherry used to be obsessed with this kind of smile, but now it looked a little sarcastic.

"No. you can bind up my wound again when I come back tonight." He drank the milk and wiped his mouth. "I have to go to work."

After changing his shoes in front of the door and putting his hand on the doorknob, Jeremy suddenly turned his head to take a look at Sherry, who was standing by his side. He then flatly said, "just stay at home. Don't go anywhere."

Sherry was stunned. He cared too much.

After that, he closed the door and left.

Sherry walked to the window and saw the iron door was slowly opened. At the moment when Jeremy drove out, she heaved a sigh of relief, as if her whole body was relaxed.

She felt like everything was under his control before. Now she could finally get rid of that feeling.

After a while, the doorbell rang. Speculated that it might be a maid, she opened the door. It was the maid she had invited.

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Sherry. I'm Vicky Fang." The maid was about a few years older than her, with a bag in her hand, standing at the door and smiling at her.

With a sweet smile on her face, Sherry said, "Hello, please come in."

Vicky Fang changed her shoes and looked around the villa. Sherry took her to the servant's room. "You can sleep in this room!"

Vicky Fang responded and put the box away. Then Sherry took her to look over the hous


Before the breakfast was ready, Vicky Fang found that the plates on the table had been eaten up. She smiled and said, "Ms. Sherry, your husband must be very good to you and love you very much. Living in such a good house, you two must be very happy."

She once worked as a maid in many wealthy families. The rich men seldom had breakfast with their wives.

All of them didn't return home that night, or they would take a woman home when her wife was gone. Although she hadn't seen Sherry's husband, she was already certain that the relationship between them was very good.

"Just so so" Sherry replied in a soft voice, with a dull look in her eyes.

Vicky Fang thought that Sherry was shy and embarrassed, so she asked, "Ms. Sherry, has your husband gone to work?"

Sherry nodded, "yes, he just left for a while and will come back in the evening."

Sometimes he wouldn't come back at night, which made Sherry's heart chilling.

However, it didn't matter whether he would come back or not. Sherry said to her, "I have to go out later, so please deal with the housework."

"No problem." Vicky Fang already took care of the things on the table naturally.

Returning to the room, Sherry looked at the messy quilt in the bedroom and forced a smile in her heart. She made the quilt well and opened the wardrobe. She took out all her clothes and then took out the suitcase from the wardrobe.

'I must change and live a new life!'

After clearing the clothes, Sherry took out some of her living goods, and then took out the note on the shelf that had already been prepared.

There was nothing to regret after celebrating his birthday.

When she went downstairs, Vicky Fang was busy preparing the lunch to make some food and looked through the fridge for a long time. But Sherry said, "Vicky, you don't have to cook lunch. I won't have lunch at home at noon."

Vicky Fang turned around and said, "Oh, you need to go out for the whole day!"

Sherry didn't answer her question. She handed the paper in her hand to her and said, "my husband is called Jeremy Ou. It's one of his habits in daily life and some things he needs to pay attention to. He is very busy every day and he won't pay attention to these things. Keep an eye on him for me."

Vicky Fang took the note. She was confused and asked, "what..."

"I have to go. Sorry to trouble you." Said Sherry.

Vicky walked out of the kitchen, looking at the blue box in the living room. In an instant, she understood that there must be something wrong with Kate. She might have quarreled with her husband.

"But, Ms. Sherry..." Vicky Fang wanted to say something more. But before she could say anything else, she saw Sherry take out a pair of sunglasses. After that, she waved her long hair, which was as long as seaweed on her shoulder, and said, "I have to go now. Good bye."

Vicky Fang stared at the closed door, clutching the note. She didn't take it seriously. It was normal for young couples to quarrel.

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