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   Chapter 21 You Are Really Getting More And More Cunning (Part One)

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"No, I'll sleep in the guest room." As soon as Sherry got up from his arms, Jeremy's thin lips were tightly closed. His tone was gloomy and he looked very oppressive. "You're getting better and better at playing mouse and cat."

"You think too much."

He still hoped that she could treat him as the only one in her life as before? How ridiculous.

Sherry felt tired. She didn't know why he had such strange idea.

Ignoring him, Sherry went straight to the guest room. Her wet long hair fell over her shoulder, and her legs were slender and straight under the bath towel.

"You should fulfill your duty as a wife." His eyes almost glued to her body. He suddenly stood up and felt a little dizzy, so he fell back on the sofa heavily.

Sherry looked back. Seeing that Jeremy was rubbing his head, she hastily turned around and walked up to him, saying anxiously, "does it hurt again? Be careful! You know that your head is hurt. "

'She still concerns for him. But why does she pretend not to care about him?' Jeremy pushed her hand away and said coldly, "it's none of your business."

After that, he stood up. His head was still heavy and dull. Sherry held his arm and said, "let me help you back to your room."

No matter what he had done to her, her love for him seemed to be irresistible. It was impossible for Sherry to turn a blind eye to him.

After throwing a glance at her, he leaned his body towards her. Because after the bleeding, he had only applied a simple bandage, his head was really dizzy and painful.

But this stubborn woman would only make him more angry and headache.

Even at this time, she still used such a trick. Huh, women are really strange creatures.

After she helped him to the room and took out his pajamas, Sherry put it on the bedside and said, "put it on!"

As soon as he took off the bath towel and revealed his strong body, Sherry's heart beat fast. She tried her best to focus on the closet and not look at the man.

Jeremy cast a glance at her and thought she was so funny that they had been married for three years, she was still very bashful. After changing into his pajamas, he leaned back and lay down on the bed.

He patted the seat beside him and said in a low voice, "come here."

Sherry didn't go to bed. She covered him with the quilt. When she turned around, she heard a hoarse voice from Jeremy, "don't you go to sleep?"

Sherry took out her pajamas from the wardrobe and said, "I'll sleep in the guest room. Have a good rest!"

"Do you still want to sleep in the guest room?" With a cold face, Jeremy leaned sideways on the bed, saying, "Sherry, do you think that by doing so, I will be infatuated and fall in love with you?"

He seemed to be a little obsessed with her body, but he hated her cold attitude towards him!

All the time only he could be indifferent with her. Why did she suddenly change?

"If you want to sleep in the guest room, go ahead. And don't come back to this room again!" The words were uttered through hi

s teeth.

His voice was a little loud, which made her heart ache. Sherry took her pajamas and said in a low voice, "I know. I won't disturb you, Mr. Jeremy."

Then she walked outside and turned off the light.

The room fell into a dead silence. At that moment, the floor to ceiling windows were standing in front of them with his bright eyes. With his arms twitching, he picked up a pillow beside him and slammed it into the window.

"Sherry, you are getting more and more tricky!"!

When she went downstairs, she saw that noodles had been eaten up by Jeremy, not even the soup was left.

And the divorce agreement was lying on the table all alone.

"Sherry, don't be silly anymore." she suddenly spoke to herself with self-mocking. "Three years have passed. If he really loves you, he won't do such things to hurt you."

She dared not expect any more. After cleaning up the table, she went to the guest room for cleaning up. Then she put on her pajamas and dried her hair. After that, she stood in front of the window, in a daze for a while.

How could she live after divorce? She had given up so much for him, but what she got was only his colder attitude and the women that constantly appeared in her life.

Until now, he was not stingy with giving her to his good friend. She could stand everything, but this, she could not bear!

Every word he said was like poison, but now it didn't matter. She could put down her hatred.

Then she turned on the computer on the table and searched the website of every company. Her eyes were fixed on an advertising company called SZ.

She was a well-known planner in the advertising industry, and all her clients were satisfied with her work.

SZ Advertising Company just wanted to recruit new employees, which was a great opportunity. She had heard before that every industry insider wanted to work at this company. However, its requirements were very high. After looking at the requirements for recruitment, she sent a resume with great confidence.

She turned off the computer and gazed at the starry sky. A dash of expectation flashed through her lips.

The next morning.

Jeremy woke up very early. He didn't sleep well last night, because when he went to bed at night, he pressed his body. His head was always a little painful, and it was inconvenient for him to lie on the bed for a while, so he asked Sherry to have his head bandaged.

When he went downstairs, he saw that Sherry had prepared the breakfast and was waiting for him on the sofa.

Hearing the footsteps, Sherry turned back and glanced at him. In a calm voice, she greeted, "good morning."

"Good morning."

As soon as he walked to the tea table, he found a medicine cabinet on it. Sherry asked, "have you washed your face and rinsed your mouth? Let me help you to bind up your wound. How about going to the hospital to have a check? "

"No, it's not a big deal." He slightly furrowed his eyebrows, sat on the sofa and naturally placed his head on Sherry's legs.

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