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   Chapter 20 Get Hurt

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"Didn't you prepare the divorce agreement, Jeremy? You kept reminding me to leave you alone. " Sherry was at a loss for this changeable man.

It was him who got the divorce agreement, but now it seemed that everything was her fault.

Looking at her aggrieved face, Jeremy was in a better mood. He put Sherry into the bathtub, and when he himself was in it, the water overflowed instantly.

"I don't want to divorce now." He said.

Sherry was stunned. "You..."

Looking at his body in the mist, Sherry's face was hot. He leaned towards her and pinched her chin. Looking at her red and swollen lips kissed by him, he suddenly lowered his head and bit her small and delicate nose.

"Ah..." Sherry pushed him away. Jeremy forced her to look into his eyes. He rubbed her nose with his. She sneered, "is it funny in this way?"

He was shocked to see the teeth marks on her nose.

"You throw me away when you don't want me and humiliate me with such rude words, even bring other women to mock me!"

However, she haven't say that he wanted to give her to his best friend at will.

She had put up with all these things. Anyway, the worst thing she could do was to divorce him. Now he was even unwilling to divorce.

"I've told you that I just played with those women for fun. Why do you always care about that?" He was a little impatient that she brought this up every time.

"Then leave me alone." Sherry clapped away his hand and stood up. Water drops clattered down.

As soon as she stepped out of the bathtub, her ankle was grabbed by a big hand. The man dragged her back into the bathtub and held her in his arms. "If I leave you alone, maybe one day you will cheat on me!"

"What nonsense are you talking about? "

"Did I say anything wrong? That waiter were flirting with you at the bar. I saw it with my own eyes! " Jeremy held her tightly. Sherry tried to struggle. "Let me go!"

"I'm not so mean as you think. I saw the intimate relationship between you and Jessie with my own eyes!"

He sneered and said to himself, "you used to refuse to divorce me. The reason why you wanted to divorce me is that man."

Sherry couldn't bear that he went crazy for no reason. She tried to stand up from the bathtub and break free from him, but she accidentally knocked over the coral used for decoration on the shelf aside.

The corals fell down and hit the head of Jeremy

"Ah..." He took a breath of cold air, and Sherry was frightened by him. She looked at his head in a hurry and

called, "Jeremy!"

Even though Jeremy was hit, he was still not satisfied with the result that Sherry got rid of his control. He held her hand and asked, "where are you going?"

Sherry shook off his hand and put on a bath towel casually. Then she took a bath towel and gave it to Jeremy, "surround it."

After a short while, the thin and thick blood ran from his black hair, which made Sherry more anxious. She pulled him out of the bathtub and helped him wrap the bath towel.

Although his head was heavy, he was very happy. He leaned against her body, with his arms on her thin shoulders.

"You are bleeding. Let me bind it up for you." Sherry helped him sit down on the sofa, and then went to the room to find the medicine cabinet.

Her hair was still wet, and the bath towel was just pulled casually. There was a large beauty on her chest, but at this time, Sherry did not care about it. She sat on the sofa, letting Jeremy put his head on her legs.

"Oh my God! You are hurt badly. Let's go to the hospital!" Sherry worried.

His eyes became blurry. In a haze, he moved his body to make himself more comfortable and said, "no, a bandage is OK."

'I've said that I don't want to take a bath together with you, ' Sherry thought.

She was very careful with her comfortable and soft hands to help him bandage. After a while, she asked, "is it still painful?"

Of course...

However, the male chauvinist was a man who would never admit it in front of his wife. "Not bad," he replied

It was ready soon. Sherry pushed the man's shoulder and said, "well, you can stand up now."

A few seconds later, he stood up and looked at the woman who was going to put down the medicine cabinet. He suddenly grabbed and pulled her into his arms.

"You just got a brain injury. Go to rest. You have to go to work tomorrow." Sherry struggled to stand up from his arms.

"Don't pretend so hard. I know what you are thinking." There was an unspeakable strange feeling in his voice.

Sherry frowned and said, "I have already signed on the divorce agreement. So many women like you. I am just dispensable"

Looking at her neck, Jeremy knew that she was jealous. He grinned and said, "are you happy that I don't agree with the divorce?"

Sherry didn't know why he suddenly said that, but she was really tired, and his head was injured, so it was better to have a good rest.

She said coldly, "I'm going to bed now. Let's talk tomorrow."

Jeremy nodded, "Okay, let's sleep together."

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