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   Chapter 19 I'm Your Man

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Hearing what he said, Sherry frowned. At the same time, Jeremy gripped her neck more tightly. Her face turned red and she said with difficulty, "let go!"

Suddenly, he released all strength but his warm hand was still on her white skin. He asked, "I haven't touched you for a long time, right? Are you so eager to find another man? "

Sherry slapped his hand away and said in disgust, "are you talking about yourself?"

Jeremy squinted at her. "What did you say?"

Sherry sneered, "isn't it you who are looking for women outside?"

Her words brought a bit of joy to Jeremy's heart. 'is this woman jealous?' he thought?

However, what she said next made his pleasure disappear without a trace. "Anyway, we are going to divorce. We will not interfere with each other, and just make preparation for the next marriage."

Her intention of divorce was so obvious. Jeremy suppressed his anger and swept his fingers through the soft long hair of Sherry.

In addition to his gentle movements, his voice also became tender. "Is this your trick again? Are you trying to irritate me and make me sign the divorce agreement as soon as possible? Why do you always do such a thing to annoy me? "

Hearing his words, Sherry was extremely annoyed. The man's fingers were warm and powerful, and she felt her heart became soft under his fingers. "Jeremy, I'm really tired today. I want to have a rest. Can we talk tomorrow?"

After saying that, she pushed him away and tried to stand up. He had tried to talk to her softly. However, she was still so stubborn, and totally different from the past.

His face took on a ghastly expression and he gave her a hard push, making her fell back on the sofa off guard.

"Tired? Do you feel tired playing with men outside? " He was so powerful that before Sherry could react, she heard a "hiss" sound and her shirt was torn in half by him!

She hastily put her hands in front of her and asked, "what are you doing, Jeremy?"

"What am I doing?" Jeremy asked in a hoarse voice? Can't you see it? "

However, no matter how hard she struggled, she still could not get rid of him. She looked at him in fear and anger.


.. You... Let me go! I don't want to! "

Holding her chin between his fingers, he said in a dangerous and cold voice, "remember, you are my woman I don't care what tricks you are playing. Now I want you! Do you think you can escape? "

After saying that, he kissed her, which were familiar to him. Like the poppy, he addicted to her immediately.

However, as long as he thought that other men had also touched her in this way, he bit her lips as punishment with his anger, which made Sherry frown in pain.

However, Jeremy's knee was heavily hit by Sherry. He snorted.

There was fear in her voice. "Let go of me. Don't touch me, Jeremy!"

Did he want to caress her with the hand that had touched another woman? It was hard for Sherry to accept!

However, Jeremy didn't let her go. Instead, he held her even more tightly.

Did this woman hate him so much now? Because of another man?

His eyes became more dangerous. "Sherry, I want you to remember that... Who is your man? "

He was unwilling to admit that his heart was full of damn care and envy.

"I will hate you forever, Jeremy! " Sherry's eyes gradually became wet. If he had to use force, no matter how much she loved him in the past, she would hate him forever.

She was powerless to resist the man's grip.

On the sofa, Sherry was exhausted. Her body was wet all over and her hair stuck to her back, which made her look more feminine.

After filling the hot water in the bathroom, Jeremy walked to the sofa barefoot and took off the belt on Sherry's wrist. When he saw the bruise on her wrist, he suddenly felt sorry for her.

"Does it hurt?" He said in a hoarse voice.

Sherry kept silent. Frowned, Jeremy gently held her up and took her to the bathroom. Suddenly, Sherry said, "you can go out. I'll take a bath myself."

However, Jeremy held her in his arms and walked into the bathtub directly. In a cold and deep voice, he said, "Sherry, as long as I don't sign the divorce agreement, you will always be my wife and you will never be able to leave my family forever."

Looking at the man's handsome profile, Sherry's face changed slightly. Her heart gradually sank.

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