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   Chapter 18 Have You Slept With Him

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In the past, there was always a rich and delicious birthday dish. Sherry had even prepared it a few days ago. From Chinese food to Western food, there were always everything delicious on the table

But this year...

Sherry had already quickly removed the external package of the cake and put the candles in it.

"Do you want to make a birthday wish?" She asked in an affirmative tone.

Looking at her calm face, Jeremy suddenly felt that he was driven crazy by the anger. He had the same feeling as the other day when Steve wanted to have sex with her.

Every year, she used to badger him to make his wishes?

Where was that Sherry?

He looked down at the cake and her hand, which was holding a spark and planning to light the candles. After a long time, he said, "Um!"

Jeremy paused, feeling that what he did could only make the atmosphere even colder. Then he added, "don't you say that the birthday wishes will come true? I want you to make wished!"

Hearing this, Sherry was stunned. She sniffed and said, "um." then she turned her face and lit the candles one by one.

His face took on a ghastly expression. He moved his lips without speaking.

Just one word?! Shouldn't she cheered and even kissed him so eagerly in front of him?

The atmosphere was frozen in this way. The candles gradually burnt out. Jeremy did not make a wish, and Sherry did not urge him.

Until the last candle light was extinguished, she stood up and said, "you eat long-life noodles first. I'll go get your birthday gift."

"What is the gift?" His voice was choked with sobs, which made him extremely uncomfortable.

He had a bad feeling... Uneasy and nervous...

Sherry stopped, but she didn't even turn her head. "In a while, you'll know that it's a special birthday present. I think you'll like it."

When Sherry went back to the living room again, she was stunned that Jeremy had already finished a bowl of long-life noodles. It was his first time to eat it so quickly.

"Where is your present?"

The moment she heard his voice, she came to her senses. He just didn't dislike the noodles that she made. Why should she feel lucky!

Maybe he was just hungry!

Having overcome the strange feeling in her heart, she smiled bitterly and finally gave the present hidden behind her to him, "Happy Birthday!"


After a moment's hesitation, he immediately pounded his chopsticks on the table, making a loud noise. Damn it! She gave him a divorce agreement!

He was angry, and his eyes were burning. The blue veins on his forehead even jumped up, but Sherry didn't care at all.

She sat opposite him and said

calmly, "I think this is the gift you want most these years."

His voice was choked with sobs. He opened his mouth but couldn't say a word.

Indeed, he had been looking forward to divorce with Sherry, but when did his expectation become dim? He should have been pleased, but now he only felt that his head was wet by a basin of cold water and his heart was cold.

"Sherry, what trick do you want to play?"

He suddenly stood up and walked up to her step by step, trying to find the meaning of her eyes.

He pinched her chin with his big hand, and said hurtfully, "Sherry, are you still so stupid?" However, he could no longer see any worry in her expression.

Looking at the furious man and feeling the pain of the broken bones in the lower jaw, Sherry finally laughed.

"Mr. Jeremy, we have come this far, and I'm just tired. What else can I do?" She was not completely defeated, at least she could make him angry!

Like being struck by lightning, Jeremy took some steps back before he could stand still.

He looked down at her and sneered, "really?" 'Just tired?'

His eyes were staring at her. The big living room fell into deathly silence.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Before he handed it to Sherry, he took a glance at it casually.

The next second, he completely broke out.

He grabbed her hand to take the phone and pulled her in front of him. He didn't even stop even if she moved the table to other side.

Jeremy was like an angry lion, he pinned her down on the sofa, put the phone in front of her with his bloodshot eyes and asked, "Sherry, can you explain to me what's this?"

The cold words were squeezed out of his teeth one by one. He was like a husband who caught his wife cheating on him. His anger made him completely lose his mind.

Sherry was soon overwhelmed by him and her face turned red.

It was a message from Jeffery. "It's late. Turn off the light and go to sleep. Don't stay up late!" She suddenly laughed.

She just forgot to turn off the light. Did a short message drive this man mad?

"Are you out of your mind? Do you need me to tell you the disgusting things you have done? " There was a mockery in her eyes. She said in a low but firm tone.

However, Jeremy didn't hear a word from her.

Sherry's sharp eyes made him extremely uncomfortable. Finally, he completely believed that she really wanted to divorce.

"Do you want to divorce me because of this man? He is just a waiter in this bar." Putting the phone away, he grasped her slender neck. Gritting his teeth, he questioned, "Sherry, have you slept with him? Are you satisfied with the service he provided?"

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