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   Chapter 16 Jessie Is a Thief

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"Ding Dong, Ding Dong..."

At this moment, the door bell broke the rare tranquility.

Surprised by who would come at this time, Sherry stopped writing and stood up to open the door. The moment she opened the door, she saw that there was a woman dressed in an enchanting and coquettish way, Jessie.


Jessie didn't expect to see Sherry here, so she was stunned with her mouth wide open.

Without waiting for Sherry's response, she gritted her teeth ferociously and pushed her forward. She said, "well, you are a tramp. What a great ability! You hooked up with my husband after just only meeting him once, right? "

After some hesitation, Sherry said coldly, "please show some respect. This is not a den. Please don't flounce here like a mad animals! "

Jessie was speechless, "..."

She didn't expect that Sherry would curse her, and even spoke so seriously. She was speechless for a moment.

After a long pause, Jessie sneered and taunted, "respect? Seriously? You don't deserve my respect."

She pinched her waist on one hand, and pointed at Sherry on the other hand. She shouted in a sharp voice, "it's not included in your seduction to my husband. And you even dare to enter my house! Don't you feel ashamed that you are so arrogant as a mistress? "

Listening to her fiendish words, Sherry didn't even bother to argue with her.

She was tall and slender, wearing home shoes, even taller than Jessie. Sherry was so calm that Jessie was overwhelmed by her strong aura.

Seeing the scorn in her eyes, Jessie was even more angry.

Jessie stared at Sherry fiercely for a long time. Seeing Sherry unmoved, Jessie said in the name of hostess, "I tell you, even if you sleep with my husband, you won't win his heart."

"My husband is the one who loves me the most in the world. He will buy me whatever I like. Even if I want the moon in the sky, he will find it for me. "

Seeing the complacency in her eyes, Sherry couldn't help shaking her head and smiling bitterly.

In her mind, Jessie was the same as she had been in the past? Sherry always thought that this man would be kind to her all her life before. So ridiculous and stupid.

"Mr. Jeremy, please take care of your own business!" From the corner of her eyes, she saw a man standing not far away behind her. Sherry said and retreated to one side.

Hearing Sherry's words, Jessie stiffened and stopped showing off.

But only for a second, Je

ssie returned to normal.

Pretending as if nothing had happened, Jessie walked up to him, shook his hand and said sweetly, "honey, I worry about you. Let me take care of you."

He frowned slightly and looked at Sherry. Seeing that she did not react at all, Jeremy's face darkened unconsciously.

"Who allowed you to come here?" Pulling his arm out, he said coldly to Jessie without any emotion, "get out!"

The ruthless voice made her tremble with fear, and a glimmer of doubt flashed through her eyes.

How could he let her go? But the woman was still here! How could she leave?

Forcing out a stiff smile, she stepped forward and held his waist. "Honey, please let me stay here to take care of you," her voice was sweeter than before

"You... You know how well I sex with you. " Speaking of this, a thin layer of blush appeared on her face, and her head was slightly lowered, revealing the delicate appearance of the little woman.

Sherry was observing everything.

At the same time, Sherry also saw the provocative eyes from Jessie, who seemed to say, "I will stay and kick you out!"!

How childish.

"Mr. Jeremy, since Miss Jessie are so sincere, why don't you ask her to take care of you?" The cold words squeezed out of her mouth, and Sherry's heart was sour, but on the surface, it was unable to see anything.

His face darkened and stared at Sherry with his piercing eyes.

'Don't you mind at all? No, that was impossible?'

Pressing his lips, he stared at the woman in front of him, who was both familiar and strange. He even doubted whether she was another woman that looked exactly like Sherry.

"Just stay, Jessie."

He spit out the words one by one in a fit of pique. His eyes never left the face of Sherry, and he was reluctant to find a trace of it.

Jessie was so happy, held his face and was about to kiss him, but he avoided it secretly.

There was a red lip print on his chin, which looked very funny.

"Since Mr. Jeremy wants to spend more time with your wife, I'm leaving now!" Clenching her fists tightly, Sherry caught a glimpse of the scarlet blood. There was no waves in her eyes, just like a pool of dead water.

Before Jeremy could finish his words, Sherry had already put on her shoes and left.

She walked straightforwardly without turning her head. But she held an intangible string with Jeremy's heart. The more she moved, the pain in his heart became more evident.

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