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   Chapter 15 Something Had Changed

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It was already the morning of the next day before Sherry returned to the villa.

After looking after the drunken man for a whole night, she had gone to the shopping mall for a long time just to get the same phone as the previous one. At this moment, she just wanted to take a petal shower and then have a good sleep.

However, when she saw Jeremy walking out from the living room, she stopped to change her shoes.

Shouldn't he go to work?

Sherry was a little surprised, but only stunned for a few seconds. Soon, she changed her shoes as if nothing had happened and greeted him, "good morning." The smile at the corners of his mouth looked somewhat self deprecating.

It seemed that he really couldn't wait to divorce her!

Jeremy was also stunned and surprised to see her.

She had straight hair turned into curly waves. It was so beautiful! She was so seductive that he wanted to sex with her at once.

However, it only lasted for one second. Thinking of she didn't return last night and her cell phone was turned off, a trace of disgust flashed through his eyes.

"It's nine o'clock. Do you think it's still early? It seems that you are really reluctant to leave that waiter. "

Sherry didn't get used to his strange tone, stunned for a moment and then laughed.

She had already been used to the worse words. Now it was only a sarcastic remark. It really didn't matter.

"It's late for people who should go to work, but for me, it's still early." So serious answer. It seemed that she didn't understand the meaning of what Jeremy said.

"……" A shadow of astonishment passed over his face.

He knew clearly that Sherry was offending him, but her gentle appearance made him speechless.

Sherry added, "I know Mr. Jeremy is eager to divorce me, but please let me take a shower first." She entered the bathroom immediately.

Jeremy was speechless, "..." Seeing the door of the bathroom closed, Jeremy pulled a long face.

Sherry changed and became... He felt so uncomfortable.

Looking at the bathroom thoughtfully, he strode into the study. He sat at the desk and looked at the divorce agreement. His heart trembled.

His hands also trembled badly and uncontrollably.

He had never been so resistant to open that drawer. Divorce... Wasn't it what he had been hoping for?

Eventually, he opened the drawer and took out the divorce agreement.

When he was about to go to the living room, a light doorbell rang. He looked up and saw Sherry coming up to him.

She was still wearing the new home wear

. The light pink set off her fair skin. Her long curly hair hung down loosely, with water drops dripping on her clothes. One could tell a trace of skin color from the wet places.

"You..." Why are you so early today?

He took the divorce agreement in his hand tightly and his words were stuck in the throat.

Sherry went straight to the point. "Didn't Mr. Jeremy say that he wanted to talk about divorce with me? Tell me now. Everyone is very busy! "

Hearing she call him Mr. Jeremy, he glared at her and said angrily, "Sherry, don't forget that we haven't divorced yet!"

What's the difference?

Besides, she had already signed the agreement.

There was a hint of irony in Sherry's lips. "Mr. Jeremy, don't be angry. Take care of your body! Otherwise, your next wife will dislike you. " Her tone was so polite as if she was a stranger. It stung him a lot.

"Sherry, you..."

He pointed at her with endless anger in his red eyes. He didn't finish his sentence but lost balance and fell down on the sofa.


Sherry stepped forward, with a bit of worry in her eyes, but she hid it quickly.

She reached out and touched his forehead. As expected, the forehead was so hot that he could fry an egg.

She immediately took out the medicine cabinet and handed him some antipyretics. Then she helped him lie on the bed, wrapped a towel with ice and put it on his forehead to lower his temperature.

Pressing her lips together for a long time, she couldn't help saying, "put sober-up pills in the cupboard in the east side of the kitchen. Drink it before you sleep if you are drunk in the future."

On the bed, Jeremy's face stiffened, turned around, closed his eyes and didn't say anything.

As soon as he moved, the ice cubes dropped to the bed sheet.

After picking it up and finding that she couldn't place it on his forehead anymore, she gave up.

Every time after drinking, he had to take soup to sober him up, or he would get a high fever. That's why she waited for him every day, no matter how late he came back.

From now on... She had done enough. The rest is none of her business.

With a slight sigh, she took the pen and paper and began to write seriously.

She wrote down a list of things that Jeremy need to care.

She focused on the notes in case there were any omissions. She didn't notice that the man had already turned around, and was staring at her with his bloodshot eyes without a blink.

His eyes were as deep as the sea at midnight, which was difficult to see through

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