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   Chapter 13 Despair

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The more Jeremy heard, the more irritable he was. He pinched and crushed the cigarette in his hand before he threw it into the ashtray.

However, he still felt very uncomfortable and wanted to cover Steve's mouth.

However, Steve was no longer a judicious person.

Jeremy kept silent all the time, so Steve suddenly approached him and said, "Jeremy, can you help me ask her out tonight? I can't wait anymore! In return, I can give you a virgin. Okay? "

Hearing that, Jeremy was stunned and his face turned pale in an instant.

Steve often made fun of him to test which woman he cared more about before. But this time...

Was he so bad to Sherry that Steve didn't notice the difference?

"Steve, I want to tell you something,"

After he pacified Steve in a hurry, he took out his phone and called Sherry.

He thought, after all, she had been his wife for so many years. It's not appropriate to let her identity be known to the public. But Steve is OK.

Jeremy didn't want to make Steve think about her all the time.

"Sherry, I'm in the bar where we met last time. Would you please come there. Steve was here too. I... " When the phone was connected, Jeremy thought of Jeffery Xia all of a sudden. His voice turned cold.

But he didn't know that his cold tone and coincidence words were like a bomb, which made Sherry unable to keep her feet.

"Sorry, I'm busy."

A trembling voice interrupted Jeremy, and Sherry directly hung up the phone.

She held her cell phone with both her hands, blue veins protruding.

She didn't forget what Steve had just said. "I will ask Jeremy to give you to me. He will agree!"

At that time, Steve firmly explained. On the other hand, she didn't think that Jeremy would agree at all. After all, she was his wife. He didn't love her, but he had to be humiliated.

But this phone call directly broke her only hope, and she began to despair.

Her new manicure was embedded in her palm. Even though she could feel the blood on her hand, she didn't care.

There was nothing in the world that could hurt her more than the hurt brought by Jeremy.

Looking at the familiar villa, Sherry had taken out all the keys. However, she didn't open the door in front of her, instead, she turned and left.

This was not her home. It was too depressing. She didn't want to go back.

She took a taxi. Half an hour later, she finally arrived at the destination.

Looking up at the window through which she could still see the curtain inside, Sherry couldn't help but give a bitter smile.

But she still decided to come back here, the apartment she had bought with her salary. She might have to live here in the future!

She shook her head and decided not to think too much. She went to the nearby supermarket to buy some daily necessities and was going upstairs.

A strange sound came from the roadside and pulled her to a halt. She couldn't help looking to the sound.

A slightly long haired young man was squatting against a tree, vomiting. The sound of retching again and again made people get goose bumps, apparently very uncomfortable.

The strong smell of wine was on Sherry's nose. Even though she was used to smelling it frequently, she couldn't help but frown.

She stopped again when she was about to go around him. The vomit boy raised his head. His face... It was Jeffery Xia.

Why was he here?

Full of doubts, Sherry couldn't get the answer. She hesitated, thinking what she could do now.

After all, she just met Jeffery twice A little weird.

"Don't forget your identity."

The words suddenly came back to her mind. She couldn't help but stride forward. She was still the nominal wife of Jeremy. It was better for her to mind her own business!

But before she walked a few steps, Jeffery vomited again. His voice was so loud that Sherry could not bear it.

The next second, he saw her, "Sherry..."

Sherry was surprised that he still recognized her after he drank so much wine. She couldn't help looking back, and her eyes directly met Jeffery's blurred eyes.

The sweet memory rushed into Sherry's mind, and her heart softened.

It was too late for Sherry to react.

She didn't know when she came to Jeffery. She lifted his tall and thin body and put his hands on her shoulders.

He was very drunk but kept talking. She couldn't understand some of his words, but sometimes she could hear her name.

However, at this moment, Sherry had no energy to care about this.

Since Jeffery was pressing on her, she couldn't even stand on her feet.

"Jeffery... Where do you live, Jeffery? " She gritted her teeth and took a few deep breaths before she could finish what she wanted to ask.

Jeffery couldn't even recognize where he was. He raised his finger and pointed to everywhere in the neighborhood, but he didn't point an accurate location to Sherry.

He closed his eyes slightly and kept mumbling, "I... I live here. "

Sherry, "...."

Here? This apartment, or this block? She couldn't just support him and knocked on door one by one, asking which family he came from?

Besides, she didn't have the strength!

Smiling bitterly, Sherry hung the things she bought on her arm, held Jeffery's arm and took him upstairs with great effort.

At the moment she threw him on the sofa, her legs were so weak that she fell onto the floor.

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