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   Chapter 12 Give Her to Me

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Pressing his lips together, Jeremy Ou stared at Sherry for a long time. At that moment, it seemed that he had figured it out. After taking a cold glance at her, he turned around and left.

Did she want him to make her identity as the daughter-in-law of the Ou family in public? How ridiculous.

The door was closed with a thump. Then Jeremy drove away.

After confirming that she was finally isolated from Jeremy, Sherry's stiff body suddenly collapsed on the sofa.

'how could he say that to me, shameless?'

Half of her body slid down to the floor without moving at all.

After a long time, her eyes lit up, and the dull girl finally got a little angry. Because she had sat on the cold floor for a long time, she fell over when she stood up.

After reluctantly pulling herself up to the sofa, she rubbed her numb legs and forced a wry smile.

'Jeremy, from now on, I will never have anything to do with you.'

"Could you please give me a curler?"

In the afternoon, Sherry left the house and went to the barber shop.

The hairdresser was a straightforward and insightful person. Therefore, he quickly turned her black and long hair into curly waves as required.

"Wow, you has changed a lot!"

The hairdresser praised her when he saw she became a little more charming in the mirror.

There was only a polite smile on Sherry's face. She checked out and left.

She had to change a lot.

However, before long, she saw Steve Song standing not far away. She tried to escape, but he had already come close to her.

"Oh my God!"

He looked at Sherry in disbelief and couldn't help but turn around her before reconfirming her identity.

"Ms. Sherry, we haven't seen each other for a few days. You become more beautiful now!" Pure and charming, it's really rare.

Sherry slapped away his hand on her shoulder, and walked past him with a cold face.

However, Steve didn't give up. He caught up with Sherry and stopped her with his arms.

"Ms. Sherry, you should greet your friend anyway." He smiled with flirtation in his eyes, eyebrows and even voice, "how about treating you a meal?"

He was very interested in this woman in front of him!

Just then, his phone ra

ng. He had to stop her and took out his phone from his pocket.

"Why haven't you come yet?" There was a voice of Jeremy.

When Steve was about to explain the situation on his side, Sherry took advantage of his distraction to bypass him and prepared to leave.

"I Alas... "

Before he could finish his words, Steve stretched out and grabbed her arm in case she would leave.

As he was close to her, the unique aroma of the woman rushed into his nose, which made his heart itch. He simply reached out and pulled her into his arms.

"What do you want?" Sherry pushed him away with strength, and her voice was a little sharp and her watery eyes were wide open.

He roared at her in fury. As a result, Steve had to stop and read it through the phone.

The coldness spread over the phone.

When Steve arrived at the dating place, there was a strange look on his face. Steve's hysterical face only made Jeremy feel glaring.

He had a vague feeling in his heart that the reason why Steve looked so strange today was Sherry.

"What? Have you got a new target?"

Jeremy bowed his head to hide the displeasure in his eyes. However, when Jeremy lowered his head, his eyes fell on Steve's hand and didn't move.

There was a tooth mark on his hand, blue and purple. It could be seen that he bit it very hard.

His thin lips couldn't help but move. In the end, Jeremy didn't ask.

But he was still unable to calm himself down.

Needless to say, he knew it was left by women only.

And there was no one else, except for Sherry?

This made him even more depressed. He looked down at the cigarette in his hand, his eyes as cold as ice.

Unfortunately, Steve was still thinking about what had happened on his way to come. His mind was full of the memories of Sherry, so he didn't realize his difference at all.

"Jeremy, she's really very interesting."

For fear that Jeremy didn't know who she was, Steve explained, "she is the woman who came back to the old mansion with you that day. She is so adorable, just like a wild cat."

"Look at my hand. It was bitten by her. Wow How spicy it was! Jeremy, it seems that you have no interested in her. How about... Give her to me! "

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