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   Chapter 11 Remember Your Identity

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Looking at the two people, Jeremy wanted to separate them and gave Jeffery Xia a punch, but he didn't.

He then stopped for a second, but nobody noticed that.

"What are you doing?" His voice was not cold, but there was a hint of imperceptible anger.

Even he himself did not notice it. But Sherry, a keen person, could feel it. She stepped away from Jeffery Xia subconsciously.

"You... Don't misunderstand. " Feeling her tension and uncomfortable being stared at by the sharp eyes behind, Jeffery explained softly.

"She got scalded. I was just dressing the wound for her,"

Debbie and Carlos had just agreed to meet at the entrance of the cafe.

Even though Sherry didn't introduce Jeremy to him, he was clear that there was no one else who could open the door with a key except the host.

Did she get burned?

A deep look flashed across his face. Through the corner of his eyes, he cast a glance at the Sherry on the sofa. He frowned when seeing her instep.

Taking a few steps forward, but as he saw the fragments of the teapot on the ground, his eyes grew deeper.

The tea set was Sherry's favorite blue and white porcelain, a gift he had given to her before. She was usually unwilling to use it at home, but today she made tea for the waiter in this bar?

She was really... Isn't it dirty!


A disdainful sneer sounded from Jeremy's mouth. He didn't stop and kept walking forward. Just when Sherry thought he was going to hit Jeffery Xia, his tall body turned around him and sat down beside her.

The sofa sunk down a lot because of the man's seat, and Sherry's heart sank at the same time with the rise of the sofa.

He had behaved so strangely that she could not guess what he was thinking about at the moment.

The next second, he directly answered her by action.

He put left hand on her shoulder and slightly moved his side. Raising his right hand slowly, the man turned her face to the other side when Sherry thought he was going to slap her.

Holding her chin with his right hand, he pressed his thin lips on hers without hesitation and began to kiss her fiercely.

Suddenly Sherry's mind went blank.

She didn't expect his sudden move. She felt pain in her lips and chin, but she didn't even have the courage to resist.

After a long time, he finally let go of her. Her lips were red and swollen, and there was a red fing

er print in her chin.

"Sherry, don't push your luck. Do you think I will fall in love with you by playing these dirty tricks? "

These cold and disdainful words were uttered from his thin lips. They were very light, as if they were only accompanied by breathing and occasionally whispered.

Unfortunately, Sherry heard it clearly.

She laughed bitterly. It was not until now that she realized that Jeremy had pretended to be gentle in order to stab her in the most deadly way.


Jeffery Xia watched the tall man in front of him kissing Sherry, but was ignored by him, a little depressed.

When he saw the obvious red bruise on Sherry's forehead, he could not help but want to protect her.

However, before he could speak out what he wanted to say, Jeremy suddenly stood up and walked up to him.

Although he was 1.8 meters tall, he still looked short when standing in front of Jeremy.

The invisible aura made his face turn pale. Then, Jeremy jeered, "you like this woman very much?"

He didn't even turn his head. He only pointed Sherry, like a puppet, at the sofa behind him.

When he saw that Jeffery Xia was shocked by this, he continued to sneer at him, "but she got married. She is my woman."

"No, I didn't mean that."

Jeffery Xia was so angry, but he had no strength to clench his fists.


He chuckled again. "That's good. She is my woman. Even if I don't love her, I don't allow her to keep a gigolo outside." Then he walked to his bedroom.

When he came out of the room after changing his clothes, only Sherry was sitting in the living room. She lowered her head and thought about something. Jeffery Xia had already left.

He was about to stride away, but stopped at the door, and then turned around and stood in front of Sherry.

He had been domineering before and now he looked down upon her, undoubtedly giving her a great pressure.

But he seemed to have no idea of this. After a moment of silence, he said slowly in a cold and ruthless tone, "Sherry, remember your identity."

"You can be shameless, but not my family."

The words, like a thorn in the flesh, pierced into the heart of sherry.

She raised her head a little and said in a cold voice, "don't worry. Nobody knows I have married you. Even if I lose my face, I can't bring shame to yours. "

Her calm and indifferent tone made him very angry.

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