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   Chapter 10 I Don't Want To Tolerate You Anymore

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He immediately put down his hand after realizing that he shouldn't have said that. However, he still left two bruises on Sherry's neck because of his powerful hand.

Sherry opened her mouth but didn't say anything. She stared at the man with her bright eyes and laughed.

He could play with other women outside. She just went to the bar for a drink and chatted with waiters to relax, which in his eyes was cheating on him?

How ridiculous it was!

He had never met such Sherry before.

After getting married for three years, she stayed with him without retort or doubt, just like an obedient doll. .

Now, looking at her lively and fierce appearance, he suddenly felt that he was about to lose her.

"Sherry, you..."

Holding her slender wrist, he didn't know what to say something.

On the other side, Sherry stopped laughing at this moment, and her eyes were cold. "Me? Am I making trouble out of nothing? "

"Jeremy, I don't want to stand you anymore. I don't like you at all. If you need, you can sex with other women outside. I don't care. Or you can stay overnight with those women? "

Her tone was very calm, but undoubtedly it was the most direct harm to a man.

"What? Well, Sherry, you enrage me successfully! " After staring at her for a long time, he put on his suit, slammed the door and left.

The room instantly returned to silence. She could hear nothing but the sound of the door closing. Taking out the medicine box, she apply the ointment to the bruise on her neck and wrist with no expression.

It didn't mean that she didn't feel any pain. It was just that she had been used to it.

The next day, Sherry got up at noon.

The drink made her very uncomfortable. After washing up, she forced herself to be energetic to prepare lunch. When she was about to enter the kitchen, she suddenly remembered that Jeremy left angrily last night and hadn't returned yet.

He used to come back and get dressed in the morning.

"Ding Dong, Ding Dong..." Just then, someone knocked on the door.

Sherry rushed out of the door and saw Jeffery Xia standing outside the gate in sweat. And there was also a mountain bike beside his.

"Why are you here?"

It never occurred to her that the person would be Jeffery Xia. She was stunned for a moment before coming to herself. "Get inside and have a rest. It's too hot outside."

Jeffery Xia nodded his head and put the mountain bike aside. He then followed behind Sherry.

But when he saw the exquisite decoration of the villa and the antique ornaments could be seen everywhere, he suddenly felt embarrassed. "Sherry, I'm here to bring your ID card to


He took out a well wrapped small box from his backpack and handed it to Sherry.

Opening it, Sherry found that her ID card was inside. There was also a watch of Vacheron Constantin and two credit cards.

"Thank you so much! Without you, I still don't know my ID card is missing!" Putting the box on the coffee table, Sherry expressed her heartfelt gratitude.

Seeing that Jeffery Xia was sweating, she stood up quickly and made tea for him.

She hadn't recovered from the drunkenness yet. Now, she still felt her legs flaccid while walking. When she walked out of the kitchen with the tea pot, she suddenly felt dizzy and fell forward.


Even though Sherry was calm, she still screamed in such a situation, not to mention that half of the tea was spilled on her feet.

The searing pain made her feel like her skin was peeled off.

When he heard Sherry's voice, he immediately rushed to her.

Seeing the broken teapot and her red feet, he frowned immediately.

"What Why are you so careless? Come on, let's use the cold water to freeze it! " He was so nervous that he even forgot the embarrassment.

His worried eyes and anxious tone were more similar to Jeremy.

The back of her feet was burning. But Sherry was stunned by his action.

It was not until she felt something cold on her feet that she came to her senses. She found that Jeffery had filled the cold water with a pot of water and was patting her scalded foot back gently.

"You... No, I can do it myself... "

She had never slept with other men before, so she was flustered and even wanted to withdraw her foot.

"Sherry, I'm just helping you to ice your wound, or you'll have a blister!" Jeffery Xia held her foot and soaked in cold water for a while, then he helped her sit on the sofa.

Then, he found out the scald ointment and applied it on her little by little with a cotton swab.

Sunlight shone through the window on his face. He eyes looked so serious.

Staring at the long eyelashes of Jeffery cast a shadow on his eyelids, the memory of her childhood suddenly rushed out and disturbed the memory of Sherry.

At that time, Jeremy also looked after her in the same way.

At this moment, there was a sound near the door. It was apparently someone who opened the door with a key. Hearing this, Sherry quickly looked to the door.

The door was opened from outside. Jeremy Ou wore a black suit, standing upright at the door.

From his point of view, Sherry was sitting on the sofa, with half of her beautiful legs exposed.

On the other side, Jeffery Xia squatted in front of her and put his hand on her leg...

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