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   Chapter 9 Cheat On Me

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When Jeffery Xia walked off the stage, Steve Song and Jeremy Ou had already gone.

After what happened just now, Sherry was not in the mood to stay any longer. She took out tens of thousands of dollars from her bag and gave Jeffery Xia.

"Sherry... I can't take that much money from you! " Never had he seen so much money before. When he realized it, his face flushed red. He murmured, "I..."

But Sherry tried hard to put it into his bag and said, "study hard. Don't come to work in this kind of place in the future." Then she turned around and left.

Her behavior attracted many people's attention. Some of them looked at her playfully, while some envied her.

Obviously, they must take it as the romance of the rich.

However, Sherry was clear that what she did just for the eyes of Jeffery Xia. She hoped that her eyes could be as clear and kind-hearted as crystal.

When she came out of the bar, a cool wind blew on. Suddenly, Sherry felt a little dizzy.

When she was about to leave after stopping for a while, she saw the Lamborghini which was owned by Jeremy Ou. Parking at the roadside, but there is nobody in the driver's seat.

Is he still here?

Frowning, Sherry didn't go forward, but took a taxi to leave.

Whether Jeremy left or not, it's none of her business.

When she was about to go, she heard the voice of Jeremy behind her. "let's go back together!"

Hearing this, Sherry turned around and found that he was leaning against the door of the bar. He must have stared at her for quite a long time.

They went to the bar separately but went home together. A little weird. Sherry nodded and agreed with Jeremy.

Her head ached and she closed her eyes involuntarily, perhaps because she had drunk too much.

Outside the window, the neon lights were flashing and the light was dim in front of her eyes. Opening her eyes, she found that the distance between Jeremy's lips and hers was only one centimeter.

"I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well. I'd better go home now."

When she dodged him subconsciously, there was a touch of disgust in her eyes. Although it disappeared soon, it was still recognized by Jeremy.

He gave a cold smile and started the car, but his eyes were always on Sherry's wrist.

There was a scar because of her slitting the wrist.

Looking away, he said in a gloomy voice, "it seems that you have walked out of

the shadow, which is a great thing!"

Hearing this, Sherry felt distressed. It was not until she touched the scar with her finger that she answered, "time can change a lot."

Her tone was peaceful and it seemed that she didn't hear his sarcasm. The anger in his eyes was even stronger. Suddenly, he laughed grimly.

He should be happy, shouldn't he?

As long as she got out of the shadow and stopped trying to commit suicide, he could divorce her without any pressure.

They didn't talk on the way. It was almost midnight when they arrived at the villa. However, Sherry habitually cooked some soup to sober up Jeremy.

Looking at the steaming hot soup in front of her, Jeremy didn't pick up the bowl as usual, but cast a meaningful look at her.

"Only one?" He asked.

Sherry didn't understand what he meant. After a pause, she nodded.

His eyes became deeper. He picked up the soup and drank half. The rest was placed in front of Sherry.

"Drink!" He stared at her coldly and said in a forceful tone. It was an order.

Sherry paused again, nodded, picked up the bowl and drank it.

After washing up, even though Sherry slept on the big and comfortable Simmons mattress, she was not sleepy at all.

Jeremy was abnormal today. It seemed that he had been plotting something. When she heard the sound of water from the bathroom, she felt a little uneasy.

Just as she expected, the man climbed into bed soon, and a pair of big hands held her waist tightly.

Sherry was stunned and stretched out her hand to held the man's big hand, stopping him from moving further.

"Tonight I..."

She wanted to tell him that she had drunk a lot tonight and felt a little uncomfortable. She hoped that he could understand her.

But before she could finish her words, the man suddenly kicked her pajamas off and rushed over her like a lunatic.

He was pressing on her like an angry lion, throwing his bath towel aside and kissing her.

Sherry had a splitting headache and pushed him down directly with a reflex action. "I'm not feeling well. Please respect me!"

His elbow was firmly placed on the night stand, accompanied by a loud bang.

Her smiling face in the bar appeared in his mind, and he got angry inexplicably. He reached out and pinched her white neck with teeth marks. He asked coldly, "respect you? Sherry, do I wait for you to cheat on me? "

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