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   Chapter 8 Blame Sherry

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Sherry didn't know if she was bewitched by his eyes.

She really listened to him and did not drink anymore. Linda Mu had something urgent to deal with, but Sherry didn't leave with her. Instead, she asked the rest of waiters to leave and chatted with him.

The boy was shy. He was always stared at by Sherry, and he spoke in a lame manner now and then.

Actually, Sherry didn't really want to chat. After knowing that he was still a student named Jeffery Xia, she began to stare at his eyes.

The pair of eyes was the same as the young Jeremy's!

At that time, Jeremy also liked to look at her smiling in this way. The warmth in his eyes made her whole world warm up.

While they were chatting, they didn't notice that someone was staring at them.

The man was nobody else but Steve Song. Beside his, there sat a dignified man, Jeremy Ou.

"Jeremy, your woman seems to be in a good mood!" After staring at Sherry for a long time, Steve Song arched his eyebrows and stretched out to pull Jeremy's tie.

At the time, Jeremy was drinking. He looked in the direction pointed by him, with a stern look in his eyes.

In front of him, Sherry always showed cold and stiff. But for a waiter, she was smiling brightly.

Such a smile was familiar to Jeremy, but it had already been imprinted in his memory.

His slender fingers played with the glass of wine. He looked at Steve Song again and said calmly, "what do you want to say?"

"Nothing. I just say it, "Steve Song replied.

However, Steve thought Jeremy was suspicious. Jeremy did care about it, but he pretended not to care.

He had never been so sentimental before.

"I saw several waiters drinking with her when I went to the washroom just now!" Steve lit a cigarette and pretended to say casually to see Jeremy whether he cared.

"The guy next to her seems to be a womanizer. Just help her drink little. What's going on! Wow Are they kissing? "

Steve deliberately found a time of Sherry and Jeffery Xia sitting close and said to Jeremy, "are we going to say hello? She is your woman. Don't waste her! "

Jeremy was still wearing a poker face and pursed his lips as if he had nothing to do with Sherry.

Seeing him like this, Steve Song felt bored and began to look for his goal in the crowd.

Just then, Jeffery Xia stood up and went straight to the small stage in the center of the hall. He was singing for Sherry! With melodious song, Jeffery's eyes focus

ed on Sherry, clear and full of kindness.

At first, Jeremy Ou didn't care about it. However, when he looked at Sherry's eyes, he suddenly felt annoyed.

She was so concentrated, and there was affection in her eyes besides seriousness.

With anger, Jeremy Ou lit a cigarette. Then he took out his phone and called Sherry.

Not far away, Sherry saw the number on the phone. She was stunned. After hesitating for a moment, she picked up the phone, "what's the matter?"

Jeremy Ou was even more annoyed, "where are you? Why haven't you gone home yet?" Jeremy was questioning her in a magnetic voice.

His dissatisfaction was so obvious. Sherry wanted to deceive herself that her husband was worried about her, not blame. But it didn't work. Her heart sank all of a sudden.

The feeling of being amorous was really uncomfortable!

"I'm playing with my friends." She bowed her head and smiled with self-mockery, but her tone was as calm as usual.

Jeremy looked towards the stage subconsciously and almost blurted out, "is your so-called friend a waiter of the bar?"?

In the end, he just took a deep puff and hung up the phone.

"Jeremy, let's find some girls to drink together!" At that moment, Steve Song came back with many waitresses.

Not expecting that, Jeremy was threw on three half-naked women.

He frowned in disgust. When he was about to push them away, he happened to meet Sherry's eyes. Instead, he suddenly embraced them.

Seeing this, Sherry's face froze. She didn't expect that Jeremy was in the same bar, and that he was also interested in those commonplace girls.

But when she saw him talking and laughing with those women, she suddenly felt relieved.

What could she do even if he was interested in those kinds of woman?

Anyway, he definitely didn't love her.

In a fit of pique, she raised her glass and drank off. After that, she didn't want to take another look. Her eyes were always on Jeffery Xia.

Not until Steve saw the cold face of Jeremy did he realize that there was something wrong between Sherry and Jeremy.

It was obvious that Sherry was slightly better than Jeremy.

"Jeremy, I knew this woman is not simple. It's getting a bit interesting! " Holding the waitress in his arms, Steve concluded to Sherry that.

After all, he only saw women clinging to Jeremy, but he had never seen anyone controlling his emotions.

However, Jeremy ignored his teasing and kept silent.

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