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   Chapter 7 Got Drunk In The Bar

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An entertainment news program was on the TV.

Originally, this type of show was only a talk between people at leisure, and would not cause too much attention. The difference was that the heroine today was Jeremy Ou.

This video was obviously shot in secret. It clearly recorded the process that Jeremy Ou visited Jessie's house at night. They hugged at the door and entered the house together.

Even the time of entry and leaving could be clearly described.

The news wasn't long. As soon as Sherry and Linda Mu raised their heads, the scene that Jessie Liang fell into the arms of Jeremy Ou was played.

When Linda Mu understand after watching it, Sherry was drinking with a dull expression.

Frowning and biting the straw, Linda Mu let out a long sigh.

She had a good relationship with Sherry, and even knew her better than Jeremy Ou. She was one of the few persons who knew that Sherry had married Jeremy Ou. Moreover, she was the one who knew the most about the relationship between Sherry and Jeremy Ou.

"Sherry, don't think too much. These paparazzi often did bad things, and few of them were true. After all, I saw how nice he was to you before you got married. You guys... "

Although Linda Mu was sure that what had happened on the TV was true, she could only comfort Sherry.

"I'm fine. Don't worry." Sherry smiled and shook her head.

She was very clear whether it was true or not.

She had seen the whole thing. A piece of news could mean nothing to her.

Her expression and words were too casual, but a series of answers did not make Linda Mu relieved. On the contrary, she felt very nervous, worrying that Sherry would take things too hard.

"You don't have to be tough in front of me. No matter what happens, I will be with you."

She thought hard for a moment and then took Sherry away. Half an hour later, Sherry was taken into a bar by Linda Mu.

"Sherry, you can have fun here today. It's my treat!"

Linda Mu left the words confidently, like a rich woman who thought little of money.

Knowing that Linda Mu came from a wealthy family, Sherry smiled. And she finally felt warm in her heart.

Fortunately, she still had a best friend.

"I'm really fine. Linda, it's in a mess here. Let's go! " Feeling the sights from the surrounding, Sherry couldn't help frowning.

The sight of her cowardly look annoyed Linda Mu. She gripped Sherry's hand and pressed her on the chair.

"We just played in the bar. What are you

afraid of! Jeremy... " 'He has countless women. Why can he hurt you without scruple but you can't hurt him only once?'

Linda whispered the last sentence to herself.

Unable to dissuade her, Sherry could do nothing but sat on pins and needles at the mercy of her.

The waiter quickly brought fruits, wines and drinks. The table was filled with all kinds of dishes. Only when she saw that these are low alcohol did she feel relieved.

Several handsome men came over one after another, apparently waiters of the bar.

"Linda, you Are you crazy? " When Sherry saw a waiter coming straight to her, she almost jumped up from the sofa.

Linda sighed, stood up and pushed her back to the seat.

"Sherry, now that you're here, then let it go. What are you afraid of?" Linda said boldly and stopped Sherry from standing up again.

"I just asked some handsome men to serve. There are too many gossips about Jeremy. He never cares about how you feel. What else do you care about? You got married for three years. You had tolerated and inferior yourself for three years. Don't you get tired, Sherry? "

Sherry's shoulder was pinched painfully, and so was her heart.

Wasn't she tired? She was tired, so she signed the divorce agreement and she had nothing to do with Jeremy anymore!

"Linda, let's drink! Come on, everybody! Let's drink! "

Blinking her eyes, Sherry gave Linda a big hug, picked up the colorful cocktail and drank it up.

The waiters also sat down and tried to make them happy.

The light was unstoppable, making the smile on everyone's face become true or false.

Sherry drank one after another. When she felt her face flushing, she began to laugh loudly with the other people.

She knew she must be drunk, otherwise she wouldn't laugh so happily. She still felt hurt in her heart and wanted to get drunk more.

Several waiters were still persuading her to drink, and Sherry did not refuse them.

Until a somewhat timid voice sounded, "stop! She will get alcohol poisoning." The moment Sherry took the glass in her hand, it was snatched away.

The one who spoke was one of the waiters.

Before that, he had been sitting in a corner, and Sherry had never even noticed him.

"It's none of your business! If you don't want to drink it, you just... "

Impatiently frowned, Sherry had planned to say that you just went. But when her eyes met his evasive eyes, she was stunned and all the words were swallowed back.

Those eyes

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