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   Chapter 6 It Was Over

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It was not the first time for Sherry to see this divorce agreement.

This agreement was given to her a year ago by Jeremy Ou. Because she stubbornly wanted to maintain this marriage and did not sign it at all, it had not come into effect.

However, she was hurt more than once by this agreement in the year?

He was a gentle man, and he seemed to be nice and kind. However, he was a businessman. Without sharp and cruel, he knew how to compete with his rivals.

Patience is one of his means.

He was just waiting for a chance, just as this divorce agreement which had been put on its original position.

Touching the agreement with her hands, Sherry finally picked up the pen on the table and signed her name.

She put the agreement back into the drawer, sobbing and crying.

Now it was over, their marriage that she managed to maintain.

The second day.

In the morning sunlight, Jeremy Ou went back to his villa as usual, as if nothing had happened.

There was no surprise in her eyes when she saw him after putting the breakfast on the table. Even the lip print on his collar didn't catch her attention.

"You are back?"

"I just prepared breakfast. Wash yourself and come to eat!" She fetched another set of tableware from the kitchen. She behaved more like a dutiful servant than a good wife.

Raising his eyebrows, Jeremy suddenly felt something different, but he didn't care. He just nodded and said, "you eat first. Don't wait for me."

After saying that, he went upstairs without even taking a look at the breakfast on the table.

Fifteen minutes later, he came down the stairs and dressed himself elegantly.

Sherry was still standing at the table, as if she had never moved.

"Don't you have breakfast?" Seeing the man go straight to the door, Sherry hesitated for a moment and asked.

Without even raising his head, Jeremy put on his shoes and said, "enjoy your meal. I have something to deal with." He curled his lips silently.

'Sherry was always good at pretending as usual.'

He cast a cold glance at her and opened the door with a sense of superiority in his eyes.


Sherry raised her voice and kept up with him. Sherry reached out her hands and began to straighten his tie.

He thought she was just making an excuse. When he lowered his head, he found that he was in such a hurry that his tie looked a little bit funny.

For the rest of the time, no one spoke, and only the sound of fingers brushing on the clothes could be heard.

Sherry's hands we

re small and slender, and each of them was long and straight, like a well-crafted work of art. Even if she did the housework for three years, she didn't damage any of them.

A warm feeling soon filled the air between them. Jeremy could not help but raise his hand, wanting to touch woman's hand.

But she seemed to feel it, she stepped back and said, "all right. By the way, your birthday is coming. Remember to come back. I will celebrate with you. "

"You..." A sense of uneasiness rose from the bottom of his heart.

His birthday would arrive in a few days. She had planned the surprise in secret before, but how did she reveal it this year?

And it seemed that she didn't want to argue with him at all.

"Sherry, don't make trouble out of nothing. Just be your Mrs. Ou!" He frowned with cold eyes. There was also a hint of warning in his tone.

He hated the feeling of uneasiness and loss of control.

Sherry nodded, not caring about it at all. Instead, she raised a dignified and decent smile and push him away. "Aren't you in a hurry? Let's go! Be careful! "

With doubt, he had no choice but to get out of the house and drove away.

The moment the car drove out of the villa, he saw through the rearview mirror that Sherry was still standing there. After seeing that, he stretched his eyebrows and could not help but laugh.

'Sherry was just mystifying me.'

Soon after Jeremy left, Sherry received a phone call from her best friend, Linda Mu.

Although she was too exhausted to move, looking at the empty villa, she forced herself to cheer up and went to the appointment.

The burning sun shined on the street as if to have it roasted of a general.

Sherry and Linda Mu rushed into the coffee shop. Feeling the cold of the air conditioner, they breathed a sigh of relief and sat down in a quiet corner.

"So hot!"

After ordering the waiter to serve a cold drink, Linda Mu wiped the sweat on her forehead with a tissue and began to complain to Sherry.

Sherry gave her a glare and said, "does anyone have to go shopping?"

"I thought we haven't met each other for a long time, and I finally got the chance to have dinner with you. That's why I call you out!" Linda Mu mumbled, blushing.

Sherry chuckled and said, "well, don't do that. I don't really blame you."

When they were making fun of each other, a scream suddenly came from the coffee house. Sherry couldn't help but look back. When she saw that everyone was staring at the TV on the wall, she suddenly understood.

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