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   Chapter 5 Look Calm Alone

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A few moments later, the soup was ready.

Jeremy tended to be sleepy whenever he got drunk but this time around, he made sure to be energetic. He sat up on the sofa. Despite being a little dizzy, he tried to be alert.

Silence filled the air as Sherry brought the soup and placed it on the table. He picked the bowl up and drank the soup.

The soup was sweet and warm much like Sherry was who had her head lowered at that moment.

They didn't talk to each other until Jeremy had finished the soup.

Sherry bent over to clean up. She put away the bowl and wiped the table clean. Just as she was about to get up, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist.


she yelped, startled.

Consequently, she dropped the bowl she was holding on the carpet.

She could feel her heart beating a mile a minute. Before she could even realize what was happening, she was already lying on the sofa with Jeremy's body pressing down against hers.

He looked at her seductively as his hot breath swept her neck.

He planted a kiss on her skin, leaving a kiss mark.

She could feel the warmth of his weight against her body.

They hadn't been intimate like this in a long time. Despite having been married for three years already, she still felt her cheeks flushing.

She lowered her eyes in shyness. All of a sudden, she caught a whiff of perfume that bothered her. The perfume was another woman's.


Her face turned pale. She tried her best to restrain herself but in the end, she still sneezed.

Jeremy suddenly turned stiff, a little angry. Not long after, he lowered his head once more and started kissing her.

The strong scent of the perfume filled Sherry's nose. She tried her best to tolerate it but she couldn't ignore the pain that enveloped her heart.

"I'm not feeling well. How about another time?"

Suddenly, the image of Jeremy leaving to answer a call popped in her mind. As much as she wanted to be intimate with him, she just wasn't in the mood.

Upon hearing this, Jeremy was

visibly stunned.

He had never thought that Sherry would refuse him on something like this.

She was his wife after all. Being intimate with each other was a given. Why would she refuse him?

"I'm going to take a shower!"

Jeremy was seething. He stood up from the sofa and glared at Sherry before heading to the bathroom.

As he went inside the bathroom, he slammed the door shut, a loud bang thundering across the villa.

As Sherry watched him walk away, she felt her chest tighten. She clutched her chest as she made her way upstairs to her room.

She took a quick shower before lying in her bed. She looked up into the darkness, her mind seemingly numb.

While she wanted to be intimate with him, she just couldn't bring herself to tolerate what had just happened that day.


The door thundered once more throughout the villa.

From the distance, she could hear the car engine starting and eventually whizzing away.

Jeremy had left.

She knew that Jeremy definitely wasn't happy after what had just happened.

He was going to retaliate by being cold to her and sleeping with another woman that night.

Silence filled the villa. Sherry couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh.

When they had first gotten married, Sherry made sure that the servants weren't always lingering around the two of them so she could get close to Jeremy.

She learned to take care of all the housework.

She was no longer the spoiled girl she once was but it seemed as if she was even worse off than she was before.

She turned on the lamp by her beside and got out of bed. Then she headed to the study upstairs barefoot.

There was nothing more exhausting than having to pretend to be happy.

She was done hiding her misery.

In the study.

She turned on the lights in the study and opened a drawer which was empty save for a single folder.

Her hands trembling, she opened the folder and slid out the piece of paper inside it.

Printed across the piece of paper were two words: Divorce Agreement

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