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   Chapter 5 Look Calm Alone

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Ten minutes later, the sober-up soup was ready.

Every time Jeremy Ou was lethargic after being drunk. But this time, he maintained a clear mind all the time. He sat on the sofa. Although his eyes were a little drunk, there was still passion in them.

Both of them kept silent. Sherry took a bowl of sober-up soup and put it on the tea table. He picked it up and drank it obediently.

The soup tasted a bit sweet and warm, just like this sightly woman in front of him who was bowing her head.

Until a large bowl of soup was drunk up, the two still did not talk with each other.

Sherry squatted down, put away the bowl, and wiped the sugar stains on the tea table with a tissue. When she was about to get up, she felt that she was hugged.


She couldn't help letting out a short scream because of the sudden accident, but she quickly shut up.

The bowl in her hand fell to the ground and rolled away on the carpet.

Her body was hanging in the air, making her heart beat faster. When she realized it, she was already lying on the sofa, being pressed by the man.

His gaze was much hotter than just now. His thin lips were constantly spraying hot air between her neck.

He kissed her snow-white skin and left some hickey.

She felt his body was pressing on her and she could even feel the warmth of his body.

She hadn't had such a close contact with him for a long time. Even they had been married for three years, she couldn't help but blush.

She lowered her eyes with shyness. Before the happiness in her heart came out, a strong smell of perfume completely messed up her mind. The smell did not belong to her.


Her face turned pale. Even though she tried to endure the pain, she still sneezed.

Jeremy Ou suddenly was stiff and little angry. But soon he lowered his head again to kiss her and began to use his right as a husband.

The perfume invaded into her nose became more and more thick. Sherry tried hard to bear it, but her heart was still hurt as if it had been torn apart by a beast.

"I'm not feeling well. How about another day?"

The picture that Jeremy Ou left after answering a phone call at the old mansion suddenly popped into her mind. She was going to obey him, but now she was not in the m


Upon hearing her, Jeremy was stunned and his face turned blue.

He had never thought that Sherry would refuse him, especially on this matter.

She was his wife. Before today, it was normal for him to have sex with her if he wanted. It was not her turn to refuse him?

"I'm going to take a shower!"

Blood was boiling, which made his tone so bad. He stood up from the sofa and glanced coldly at the woman who obviously had an affection for him. Then he strode into the bathroom.

The bathroom door was used by the man to vent his anger. He slammed it with a loud bang.

Seeing his back fading away, Sherry felt a sudden pain in her heart. She covered her chest and tottered upstairs toward her room.

After having a simple wash, she lay on the big bed and looked at the darkness in front of her, and her mind was blank.

She wanted to obey him, but how could she tolerate what happened today?


The door was closing so loudly from downstairs that everyone in the villa could hear it clearly.

Every wall had a sound insulation effect, but Sherry still clearly heard the sound of the car engine leaving the villa.

He finally went out!

From the moment Sherry had known that the man wouldn't allow her to refuse when she refused him.

It turned out that his revenge was to continue his cold violence. And sex with another women at night.

There was no sound in the big villa, even no breathing. Sherry couldn't help laughing bitterly.

When she got married with Jeremy Ou, she arranged for all the servants to occupy the whole villa so that she could cultivate a close relationship with him.

She learned to take care of all the housework.

Now she is no longer the former spoiled girl. But it seemed that she gained nothing.

She turned on the bedside lamp, got out of the bed, and went to the study upstairs on her bare feet.

The most tired thing in the world was nothing but pretending to be happy.

Now, she didn't want to stick to it.

In the study.

Sherry expertly turned on the light and opened the only open drawer, which was empty except for the folder.

With her trembling hands, she opened the bag and took out the paper inside.

The white cover only involved two words. Divorce Agreement

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