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   Chapter 4 Don't Touch Her

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When she was thinking about how to get rid of him, Jeremy Ou who had just finished his business came in from the outside.

He didn't find Sherry at his original position. Looking around, he caught sight of the woman who was forced to the corner, and then Steve Song was about to take liberties with her.

Frowning, he quickly pulled Steve Song aside and stood in front of Sherry. "Steve, don't be silly. It's not good to be seen by grandfather! Why don't you know the place when playing with woman? "

No anger or satire, it was just a joke between Jeremy and Steve.

Steve Song raised his eyebrows and said, "don' t you leave her to me since you let her stay?"

Jeremy Ou said as if it was a matter of course. Their conversation sounded so seamless, but he didn't know how hard it was for Sherry, who was blocked behind him.

When she saw Jeremy Ou, a variety of ideas and scenes flashed through her mind.

She didn't expect him to be angry. She expect him to tell everyone that she is his woman, his lawful wife. At least, his expression and tone should have changed?

But she didn't expect that they would talk to each other like this.

In an instant, she was thrown into the hell from the heaven, only feeling very uncomfortable. However, things did not stop.

Obviously, Steve Song was interested in her. He didn't give up.

"You can't do anything to her for the time being," replied Jeremy Ou.

For the time being?

Sherry stumbled and almost fell down with her pale face.

She accidentally bumped into Jeremy's back. He just frowned and ignored her.

"Well, it seems that beauty is also unhappy!" Steve Song gave in and shrugged. "Jeremy, I have to ask you to drink with me tonight."

Jeremy smiled and nodded.

The two men quickly found a place to drink.

However, they had completely ignored Sherry, as if she did not exist at all.

It was not until they had had enough of the drink and Steve was taken away by a lady that Sherry had the chance to get close to Jeremy Ou again. As a wife, she took care of drunk Jeremy, her husband

"Slow down."

Even though Sherry is 1.68 meter tall, when she was standing next to Jeremy, she looks like very petite and cute.

The car entered the villa. She quickly got out of the driver's seat, opened the door and helped Jeremy get out of the passenger seat.

"I'm not drunk."

He put his hands on Sherry, and the man almost leaned all his weight on her, but he still said that h

e was not drunk, "I can drink, Steve. I can't drink any more... "

She was used to this kind of scene. Sherry carefully helped him to walk into the villa, and at the same time, she didn't forget to comfort the man hanging on her body. "You're not drunk. You can still drink."

Her voice was soft and she was careful with every word, for fear that she would irritate the man beside her.

Soothed by her tone, Jeremy Ou shut up and followed her step by step.

When she came to the door and was about to open it, he said again, "let me open the door. You just hold me well." Then he took out the key.

Sherry didn't refuse, but held him up obediently and waited for him to open the door.

One minute

Two minutes

Three minutes

Finally, with great difficulty, he managed to insert the key into the lock. He spun for two circles, but the door didn't open.

Sherry supported him on his body. Her legs were sour and numb, and forehead was covered with thick sweat.

She couldn't help reaching out to help him. When her fingers was about to reach the key, she found a pendant similar to a pocket watch and a woman's photo embedded on it.

How could she open the door if not the key of their villa?

Her heart was filled with envy. She quickly lowered her head and pretended not to see anything. At the same time, Jeremy Ou found something was wrong and clutched the key in his hand.

Damn it, he took the wrong key.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. He subconsciously looked to the direction of sherry, but he saw her expressionless like a dull doll.

At the thought of this, Jeremy felt depressed again. He pulled out the key and put it into his pocket. Then he scolded angrily, "why don't you open the door? What are you waiting for?"

Irritated by his words, Sherry didn't even have the strength to snap back.

She nodded and took out the key from her bag to open the door. She gritted her teeth to support him into the sofa in the living room.

"Have a rest. I'll make some soup to sober you up."

She went back to the door and changed into slippers. Sherry lowered her head and went straight into the kitchen.

No ask. No blame. It seemed that Jeremy took everything she did for him for granted, even his betrayal.

She was tall and not very thin, but very charming.

Gazing at the woman's back, for some reason, Jeremy suddenly remembered that he hadn't made out with her for a long time, which made him feel so hot.

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