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   Chapter 3 Being Flirted

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All the lights at the Ou Family's old mansion were on. Outside, Sherry patiently waited for Jeremy's arrival.

Although it was summertime, the wind was cold all year round because it was near the sea. Wearing only a long dress, Sherry trembled from the chill.

But as soon as she saw the familiar Lamborghini roll up to the driveway, her heart suddenly flooded with warmth.

The cold and indifferent attitude she had towards Jeremy earlier had suddenly disappeared. When Jeremy came out of the car, he came up to her and took her hand. The two of them entered the mansion, as Jeremy's grandfather greeting them at the door.

There was a tenderness on Jeremy's face as he greeted his grandfather. "Grandpa, I've brought Sherry back to see you."

Hearing such sweet words, there was a trace of sadness in Sherry eyes that disappeared soon after it came. With a smile, she snuggled up to Jeremy lovingly in a way that would have made other couples jealous.

They always pretended to be a loving couple whenever they came back to the old mansion. "I'm very glad to see you two back. You're always welcome here!" Jeremy's grandfather replied with a nod.

"By the way, you two better hurry up! I can't wait any no longer to get a grandchild!" he added with a chuckle.

Sherry stiffened a bit, the smile on her face trembling uneasily.

It was a good thing Jeremy was able to react quickly. "We don't have to rush these things, Grandpa. Plus, Sherry and I want to spend some more alone time together for couple more years or so!"

Sherry sighed with relief in her heart. Even though she felt sad about it, she flashed a dazzling smile and acted a bit embarrassed. "Grandpa, we have our own plans on these things. Don't worry about it."

Seeing both of them were like this, Jeremy's grandfather didn't say anything more. He simply waved his hand. "Fine. Every time I tell you this, you tell me the same old thing! No worries. I know that my future grandchild would be worth the wait."

Afterwards, they walked over to the other end of the mansion to the open-air banquet.

As soon as Jeremy sat down on the chair, his phone rang.

Although Sherry didn't know who it was, she could only guess that it was most likely some woman he was seeing.

Looking at the phone screen, Jeremy frowned and stood up. "Excuse me. I have to leave for a while." Before Sherry could say anything, Jeremy had already turned and left.

As she watched him walk away, Sherry tried to force a smile, but her heart was overflowing with sadness.

'He can't even spare some time with me even when we're here...

Before we got married, he would constantly tell me how much he wished that he could spend every second with me.'

"What's with that face? You don't want him to leave?"

A gentle and playful voice suddenly called out at Sherry. "It doesn't matter. I'll keep you company while he's gone."

Looking up, Sh

erry saw a handsome man standing in front of her. The corner of his lips turned into a sly smile.

It was Steve Song, the son of the Song Family. His family was the second richest and most powerful family in the city--the first one being the Ou Family.

"Mr. Song, please don't joke around!" Sherry said lightly. She knew that Steve Sone was not only a distinguished guest of the Ou family, but also a good friend of Jeremy. And for that, she instantly hated him a lot.

Standing up from her seat, she took a few steps back, looking at him nonchalantly.

But Steve Song paid no attention to her indifference. He drew in closer to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I know for a fact that Jeremy is a playboy. But I didn't expect he would like to play with a woman such as yourself,"

Steve Song said in a slow and low voice. There was a devious look in his eyes as he carefully scanned her face. Sherry looked away, feeling as if she was bare naked.

She could feel his eyes looking up and down at her so aggressively, and felt a shudder run down her spine.

"Please be more respectful,"

she finally said as she pushed away Steve's hand in anger.

"Oh, but I do respect you!"

Steve Song said matter-of-factly. From the way Sherry acted, he knew just how shy she was. "You see, Jeremy and I are like brothers," he continued, "We share everything. Even women. Didn't you know that?"

The words hit Sherry hard.

She could not believe what Steve Song had just said to her! But after thinking about it for a while, she realized that he was right.

Those two men treated women as if they were material possessions and not like real human beings. Despite the fact that she was Jeremy's lawful wife, he had never talked publicly about it.

She was even less popular than those socialite divas who had connections with him.

Gritting her teeth, Sherry took another step back. "Excuse me, Mr. Song. I have something else to do now," she said, making up an excuse.

But before she could turn around, Steve stretched out his arm, blocking her way.

"Come on! If you stay with me tonight, I can promise you that Jeremy would take you with him tomorrow," he offered, his gaze never leaving Sherry.

A quick, exasperated laugh erupted from her mouth. 'So it has come to this now? Selling yourself to get an opportunity to spend some time with Jeremy. How did it get to this!' she scolded herself in heart.

Sherry took another step back and tried to keep polite, "Mr. Song, I think you're getting ahead of yourself. I don't intend on having a meaningful relationship with Mr. Ou."

Despite her explanation, Steve still wouldn't let her leave.

Steve raised his eyebrows, growing more interested at her. At this point, Sherry had her back to the corner. "That's even better," he crooned, a shrewd smile playing on his lips. "You can have a meaningful relationship with me."

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