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   Chapter 1 Great Humiliation

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In the Phoenix City.

After spending half an hour in the AY Jewelry Store, Sherry Xu finally decided to buy a necklace the shop assistant had suggested.

However, before she could give her bank card to the shop assistant, an arrogant female voice came from behind her.

"This necklace doesn't look very striking. However, it's unexpectedly a limited edition... I'll take it then!"

The woman's voice was sweet and feminine, but it had an arrogant tone to it that was enough to make anyone feel annoyed.

The woman walked over to the shop assistant, her high heels clacking on the marble floor, and stood beside Sherry. The smell of her perfume gently wafted into the air.

Hearing this, Sherry was stunned for a moment, and wrinkled her nose with distaste. Without casting a mere glance at the woman, Sherry Xu handed her credit card to the shop assistant. "Wrap this up, please," she said.

"A woman like you doesn't need a necklace like that,"

the woman beside her sneered. This time, her voice was even more offensive and discriminating. Before Sherry Xu had time to react, the woman rudely pushed her aside with her hip.

It was not until then that Sherry Xu looked at the woman's direction. At one glance, she instantly recognized who that woman was -- Jessie Liang.

What a small world!

"Can you take back your credit card? I still have other urgent matters awaiting me," Jessie Liang scoffed. Sherry's other hand balled up into a fist at her side as she glared angrily at Jessie Liang. 'There was no way this woman could be serious!' Meanwhile, the shop assistant looked at the two women, unsure whether or not she should take Sherry's credit card.

Seeing that Sherry did not move a muscle, Jessie Liang looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Are you deaf? Didn't you hear what I just said?" she said arrogantly.

Having no patience for Sherry's stubbornness, Jessie Liang raised her hand to hit the back of Sherry's hand.

The slap was so hard that Sherry's hand immediately turned red. It didn't help at all that Sherry's skin was quite fair, making the slap mark even more highly noticeable.

The way Sherry looked shocked made Jessie feel even more dominant and cocky. "I'm telling you. Don't try and challenge my patience. Otherwise..."

Jessie then turned around and gave a hard look at the shop assistant. It was obvious that the shop assistant was terrified of her, and didn't want to get on her bad side.

"In case you don't know yet, my husband is rich! He can buy this entire jewelry store without blinking an eye, let alone these two measly limited editions!"

Her words were like a threat. A smile crept up her face as she saw the shop assistant draw back her hand from taking Sherry's card.

With a sigh, Sherry looked helplessly at the frightened shop assistant. 'Poor girl... She was only trying to do her job, ' Sherry thought. Then, she looked down her hand that Jessie Liang had slapped and frowned. It was as red as a tomato now.

'Do I really look so weak to be pushed around like this?'

At a moment of courage, Sherry raised her head and was about to confront Jessie Liang. When all of a sudden, she heard a f

amiliar voice. "What happened?"

Looking back, Sherry was stunned. 'It's... Jeremy. I never thought I'd ever see him here.

He has always treated me like a stranger and now he's--'

But just before Sherry could think it over, Jessie Liang walked up to him, all the aggressiveness from earlier suddenly vanishing into thin air.

With a smile, Jessie grabbed onto Jeremy's arm like child. 'Oh, yes. Of course, ' Sherry thought bitterly, 'How could I be so stupid?'

"Oh honey, I wanted to buy that necklace over there but that awful woman wouldn't let me have it! No matter how nicely I've asked her for it, she talked back to me so arrogantly!" Jessie said with a pout.

At this point, Sherry was at a loss for words, her mouth hung open in shock. Her grip on her card tightened as her body trembled with anger.

It turned out that the man Jessie called as her husband was Jeremy Ou... but in fact he was Sherry's husband by law. 'Can this day get any worse?' she thought disdainfully.

'On second thought... This is pretty amusing.'

Jeremy Ou just stared at Sherry as Jessie clung tightly to his arm. Although Jessie had made her complaint, Jeremy didn't make a move to do anything.

There were so many things going through Sherry's thought at that moment.

She could just imagine herself walking up to them and pushing Jessie aside. How she wished she could have Jessie know how shameless she was! That the man she claimed to be her husband was already married!

Even though Sherry was screaming inside, she showed no emotion on the surface.

Even though she never truly found out the reason, Sherry knew that the love between her and Jeremy Ou had ended when they started their married life together.

What right did she have now?

It was as if her heart had been stabbed by a thick knife. With her stomach tying up into knots, she turned around and handed the card in her hand to the shop assistant as if nothing had happened.

After a quick swipe, the shop assistant packaged the necklace and handed it to Sherry.

"Thank you," she mouthed to the shop assistant, and turned around to leave. The shopping mood she had earlier was now gone. All she wanted to do now was to leave that place as soon as possible. "Who told you that you could buy that? It's mine!" Jessie called after her.

The tone she used for Sherry was so much different from the one she used when she was talking to Jeremy Ou.

Sherry stopped dead on her tracks. "There are two necklaces here. If you want it so badly, maybe you should ask your husband to have jewelry reserved for you next time," said Sherry dryly without even casting once glance at the two.

She emphasized on "your husband", her tone having a hint of sarcasm, making Jeremy Ou frown deeply.

Jessie ground her teeth and glared at Sherry with hatred.

She was well aware what Sherry was trying to say as she knew that the man on her arm was not her husband.

Unwilling to give up, Jessie looked up at Jeremy with big, innocent eyes. "Honey, aren't you going to do anything? I wanted to buy the necklace first, but she just got her ahead of me!

Can't you see? She's doing this on purpose!"

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