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   Chapter 15 Steamy Freedom

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 17198

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"Sir how are you feeling now?" A doctor asked William while giving him a last look before he took his stethoscope.

"I'm fine, this is nothing compare to what had happened to me before, " he answered as he quickly gets up from the bed and took his black coat near the table. He took a sip of his black coffee and cleared his throat.

"What's that poison?"

"I still have to examine this thing before I can put my completion. I advise that even though I know you will not follow me but it's my job to tell you my advice, I advise you to take a rest please it's necessary, take your medications that I have given to you, and I suggest that if you take a rest then you should go on vacation. That's all, I need to go I have a patient to go to, " he said and turn his heels through the open door.

"One of my men will drive you. I'll take your advice."

He took his phone out his coat pocket and dialed Eric and within just a ring he immediately answered.

"Master William" "Eric I need you to pack Victoria's things, necessary things. We will go on vacation, " he stated and didn't wait for Eric to answer and he instantly ended the call. He winced in pain when he abruptly stands up he looks at his wound, it was perfectly bended and there was no blood leaking out. He was also thankful to his doctor, he knows what to do.

It was a sunny day and it was a perfect day to go outside and have some fun but not for her. Victoria needed to study, her class was already in half of the class when she enrolled and she needed to catch up before the examination. Victoria is an intelligent girl and she can easily adapt the lessons in her class way back when she was studying. She was busy writing her notes when someone knocks on her room.

"Victoria are you up? Open this door please." Victoria hurriedly stands up from her seat and open the door slowly.

"How may I help you, Sir Eric?"

"Master William just called and ordered me to pack your things, " Eric said and enter her room immediately, Victoria looks at him worriedly. Does she had done something wrong? Does her Master want her to be gone? She was about to cry when Eric looks at her with a surprise.

"Why is that look Victoria?"

"Did I do something wrong? Why are you packing my things?"

"No, no dear, " Eric softly laughs and stops what he was doing.

"Master William wants to go on a vacation and you will go with him, that's an order."


"Yes, vaca-"

"Why? No, I won't go with him, I'm just starting my class and I can't just go elsewhere."

"That'll have away, it's just two weeks my dear. And I believe Master William needs it."

"What do you mean need it?"

"I know you know what he is and what he's capable and I tell you he had gone through a lot of sorrows, grief, difficulties, and challenges. You may not see it in him but deep down of his character he is just a man yearning for comfortness and love, " Eric stated and started packing her things nicely and neatly.

"Okay, this will do."

"Just a bag?"

"Of course, Master William likes to travel light but if in case this is a shortage for you then he will surely make it up for you. Trust me, he is not that rude, you two can get along I know that, " and with that Eric left.




Twelve Noon

"Wow! This looks like in the magazine I read! I'm here! Wow, I can't believe I'll be able to step here in Bora!" Victoria exclaimed as she roamed her eyes in the sea.

The wind was whispering and the coconut trees we're slowly swaying playing around the waves of the sea. The view of the color of the sea is blueish to greenish and you can visibly look at the corals and starfish in the water. Victoria gasp in excitement and walk her barefoot in the sand. She didn't mind her Master, she was furious all the time they traveled, he wasn't talking to her all the way, it was like he was ignoring her. For God's sake, how did Eric told her that he wants her companion if this is how he treated her. For goodness sake they will be together for two weeks, Eric didn't go with them for he will take care of things on William's absence in his company.

"That man, old grumpy man. He faces is not a vacation it's fucking hell, " Victoria hissed in the thin air and plays her feet in the water when suddenly William shouted.

"Victoria! What are you doing there? It's hot let's go!" William shouted while scrunching his forehead and she can tell that his eyes were already furious even though he's wearing sunglasses. She still admires those physics of him, those masculine thighs, arms, and his body. Victoria shook her head.

"What am I thinking?" Victoria grunted under her breath and hurriedly walk into his direction and she freely feels the sands in her feet. She can't take away the smile in her face as she runs.

William hissed under his breath as the sunshine strikes in his eyes, he winced as he was not used to it. It had been a long time when he took his last vacation and he was also worried about his company that is why he keeps ignoring her. He was about to take their items of luggage when he notices that Victoria wa

hand expertly massage her left breast while the suck the other. He keeps sucking and licking her nipples it was going hard and erect. He traveled his hand around the waistband of her short and he slowly lay her down, Victoria look at him with a question in her eyes and she looks nervous. He pulled down her short and her wet pussy welcomed him. He rubbed his thumb on her clitoris making her gasp and moan. He spread her legs and bend it. It was a delicious sight for him. Those glistening pearl inviting him to eat her.

He put two fingers inside her and he heard her gasp at his sudden action. He wanted to taste her, so he licks her pussy which makes her moaned even louder, he keeps lapping and eating her wet pussy.

"Fucking sweet, " he swirled expertly his tongue in her and thrusting in and out. He wanted to savor each drop of her wetness.

"M-master, " she moaned and her hand gripped his hair. William gripped her ass, he thrust his finger on her in and out and she can't stop moaning. William was breathless as he put extra more energy as he can see the lust in her eyes, and the responses of her body.

"Ooooooh Master, " she moaned and she felt something hit her. She looks at it and she was shocked when she was something bulging out from his pants. William cursed under his breath when Victoria slid her hands in his pants and cup his balls.

"Fuck Victoria, " he muttered and Victoria was now naked and he can freely explore and roamed his eyes into her luscious body. William crushed his lips into her and he expertly explored her feminity.

"Ahhhhh Master"

"Call my name."

"William ahhhhhh, " Victoria moaned as he again thrust his fingers inside her. "I know you're a virgin, do you want me to continue?" William asked he was now also naked. Victoria looked at his, it was long, thick, hard, yes it was massive. It was fucking a hot picture. She holds his thick, long and throbbing sex and guided in her pussy. He cursed under his breath, he finds it sexy and he wanted to fuck her hard.

"Ohhhhh, " he moaned as he finally entered her wetness. She winced in pain and he instantly stops.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, no William just keep going, it will ease the pain."

As Victoria move her hips William take that a signal that she was ready. He was surprised when Victoria stops him.

"Please, can I be on your top?" she sweetly said as the wind softly damp in her hair. She slowly sits and William slowly lay on the floor without getting his sex out of her pussy. And now she was in the top of him, she sat on his erect manhood, her wetness lingers in his. Victoria slowly thrusting in and out from him.

"Ooohhhh, " her thrust was hard and fast and her breast was bouncing up and down that William can't stop staring at the sight. He leans forward and sucks her breast which makes her yelp in pleasure and lust.

"Ahhhhh William ahhhh."

"Ahhhh, fuck your tight and fucking delicious fuck! Faster! Hard Victoria!" Victoria keeps thrusting in and out while his hand gripped her waist and helping her to go up and down, they both grunted and moaning in pleasure and lust.

"Ohhhhh William, I'm coming."

"Yes, yes I'm coming too" Victoria didn't stop thrusting in him until she met her orgasm and felt the hot liquid in her feminity. They were both catching their breath when William grabs her waist and embrace her.

"Take a rest now Victoria, there will be round two."

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