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   Chapter 14 The Jerk

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5373

Updated: 2020-02-27 15:52

Everything looks impossible for the people who never try anything.'

-Jean-Louis Eitenne

Montvarge College


"You are a lucky man, " I grinned as I immediately saw the woman I had intended to visit. I walked towards her. She crouched and seems reading a paper so she didn't notice my presence immediately so I purposely gave her a reason to hit her.

"Oh shit! are you okay? Here let me help you, " I said and helped her get up. She was as light as a feather and her hands were so soft.

She shook her pants and lifted her head. I was stunned, she was much more beautiful than I saw her in the Black Cosa party where William buy her. Her eyes were hypnotizing me but I didn't show her that I was struck. I smiled at her and I can't help myself to look at her more as she was so charming.

"I apologize, Miss-" I said and we stopped looking at each other. I reach out my hand.

"Victoria, " she replied as she accepted my hand. Her hands were so soft and just so perfect in my hand.

"I'm Dmitry, Dmitry Fontaine, " I introduced, I hope she remembers me.

"It was nice meeting you Dmitry, even in this situation we met, " she said and the way her tongue says my name was so sexy.

I chuckled at that thought and she just looks at me till she snaps her fingers.

"I'm late, do you know where this room is?" he asked and was shown a white paper where his schedule was. Fortunately, I passed there a long time ago.

"Yes, just walk right there and turn left then you will see your room, " I smiled showing my perfect smile, I don't even know why am I acting like this.


se her hand for a shake.

"Nice meeting you Sarafina, " I said and held her hand.

"Eyes in here, " the teacher said eyes were glaring to the girl beside me. I smiled at her and silently smiled at me. What a flirt mentor.

I wandered and my eyes landed on the left side of the room. AA woman who is busy writing in her paper. I couldn't even see her face because of her wearing a hood.

I could not help but think of her suddenly someone pressed my shoulder. And I saw Sarafina grinning ear to ear and lick her lips. She pulled her skirt up showing me her lace underwear. What is wrong with this bitch, is she insane to do that in public? I know I'm hot but this woman is a whore. Bell rang sign that the class is adjourned. And I silently thank for it.

I looked at the woman in the hood once again but she was gone. The two of us were left here and our teacher was also fixing her belongings.

"Spread your ugly legs to another guy's Miss, I am not interested. I saw tons of tons of legs way better than yours, " I said and leave her hanging her mouth open.

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