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   Chapter 11 Caspian

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 9942

Updated: 2020-02-12 15:32

'It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him'



Just a few minutes later I couldn't stop myself from calling him. It's been a while since I've been waiting for his call, so I'm calling him.

I started dialing his phone number and within just a second he picks it up.

"Hey bro, " he replied which makes my blood boil. Did he know that I was waiting for his call?

"Don't you dare call me bro, I've been waiting for your call, did you fucking know that?" I sternly said if this guy had just been here before I would have beaten him.

"Chill bro, miss me that much? I forgot I'm sorry. It's good that you called so how are you?" I swear I could kill this bastard without a second thought.

"Is he still there?" I ask that I know he already knows what I mean.

"He just left and that's all I know, " he replied immediately which makes me smile.

"Okay, thank you, " I was about to end the call when he suddenly shouts.

"What?" I asked I wanted to end the call so that I can come there already and see her.

"I heard that he will enroll her in a college school one of these days. That's all bro I got to hang-up there's this hot chick in front of me and its a pity if this will go to waste, " he said and the line disconnected.

College, she'll study? She has always dreamed of graduating and getting a good job and pursuing her dreams. I could never lose her in my life again and miss this opportunity. I thought I would never see her again and she would be gone forever until I saw her in Black Cosa.

And most of all he got her, William. A feared man and also a powerful, sole heir of the Cranston family. They also formed the Cosa Nostra in Italy, a fearsome and high-ranking people called the Mafioso.

Cosa Nostra is also the most people willing to cover up their drug and weapons business.

William is also a Mafioso so he has no fear of losing people or burying them in life, so he can buy you even a million or more and all of them have consequences. It was one of my fears that would happen to Victoria, I don't know what that demon wanted her to do. I was surprised to find out that William was sending her to college, what is your intention and why did you need to support Victoria? If that is the case then I will not allow you to hurt her, by hook or by crook I'm going to kill you.

I will follow her wherever she goes. Call me what you want, If it's crazy to follow her and study again, but if it's the only way to protect and see her, I will do it. Now there is no hindrance to any decision I make. I am not too old to suspect and it's frustrating that maybe that I will be crowded by women who look like leeches and cakes. A handsome and gorgeous like me, no one will chase me? Oh c'mon! It's in our bloodline being chased by a woman. Now I just think that will be my day when I go back to school and hopefully not hassle. And hopefully, she still remembers me.


before I could see Cassandra who should have been here waiting to pick me up. She knows that I don't like waiting.

I look at my luggage and sigh as I look at my watch. I grab my phone out and dialed her number.

It took a minute before she answered my call, does she know that she will fetch me here? Where is that bitch?

"Hey, " she answered and I took a deep breath before answering.

"Hey, bitch, where are you? As long as I remember you should fucking fetch me here?" I yelled at her through the phone as I can no longer hold my temper.

"Chill bitch just got parked there. It is hard to find a park so wait wherever you are. I'm coming, " she said in a rush and ended the call.

In less than a minute, I saw her wander around looking for me so I stood up to my side and shook my hand at the air she saw immediately. She sheepishly smiled and walk confidently in my direction that I rolled my eyes. As she approached me she gave me a hug, a hug so tight that I could hardly breathe.

We laughed at our own behavior as we pulled out in our tight hug. She looks at me from head to toe and crossed her arms.

"So you are now filthy stinking gorgeous, " she wickedly smiled as she arched her brow.

"As always silly, " I said and we both laughed. I looked at her from head to feet when I noticed that she seemed to have something in her body.

"What's with the body?" I asked and she just smiled at me.

"You know bitch I've been working for abs, " she winked as she lifts her shirt up and shows me her perfect build abs for a woman.

"Oh shit! Just when and why?" I asked and she just laughed at my reaction.

"You should see your face, I'll tell you when we are already in our condo. Let's go now, I'm fucking starving right now. I want to eat a buffet, " she muttered which makes me rolled my eyes.

"Then let's go bitch so I can plan, " I muttered and she already gets the hint on what I am talking about.

Ready yourself William because I'm back.

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